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This are really doesn't have much crime to be dealt with, but when there is crime people are always assure of their safety. I don't feel unsafe in this area. Anyone can take a walk at night and not feel as if they would be getting attacked. Our police department is quiet good at reassuring our saftey they are along various streets driving around and making sure everything goes well, which brings out crimes down. I feel safe outside like how I feel safe imside
This area is quiet small compared to major cities. This area is expanding and becoming for developed. People can see the expansion in this area by recognizing the beautification made in order to welcome more people. This area is very clean and there aren't many accidents. It is rare for anything bad to occur and if it does the whole community recognizes and shows support. The atmosphere to this area is positive and the schools ensure the positivity is spread through the education system, which is remarkable.
The police are very visible and are almost seen everyday patrolling the area. There is a sense of safety in this area as there are no crimes that is going on/
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The area is very convenient as I can get to places quickly such as a pharmacy or a convenience store. It has many shops and restaurants that are constantly being built and new businesses coming in. The area seems like a place that will acquire more residents and make their lives easier with the easy access to places. I would choose to live here in the future based on the way it is growing.
During the winter, the weather here is great, much like that of California. But during the summer its dry and hot, being a desert. During the summer we may experience droughts from time to time.
Due to the Mall there are many job opportunities thanks to the stores within. There is always someone hiring at the Galleria. Top employers would have to be the fast food chains, being so many of them. I'm not sure what most people do for a living besides minimum wage jobs and some managerial positions.
The food and drink near this area is varied and excellent. Not only are there many fast food options but many unique and attractive restaurants exist in the area. From Mexican cuisine to Italian food, the restaurant scene is outstanding and entertaining.
Stores within the Galleria mall are excellent but the surrounding stores such as Target and Wal-Mart are average. The mall stores are newer and cleaner the facilities excellent, stores clean and refreshing. The customer service within the mall is outstanding. The surrounding stores, however are average and older. They reach an average rating in customer service due to the type of people working, many old and slower than should be.