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Love the neighborhood, neighbors are really nice and I'm close to my work place. I feel safe walking around here to the local bars, speakeasy, restaurants, bowling alley, etc. There are new things popping up all the time. I know this area is supposed to be very neighborhood and local, but I think a lot of new businesses are growing.
I've looked all over Philadelphia for a great neighborhood for my family and was glad to settle into Whitman. I have good relationships with the teachers at my kids' school. I'm close to public transportation that allows me to get to Center City to work, or go to Passyunk to enjoy dinners with my hubby. Cost of living is excellent here and I am so close to shopping centers, grocery, restaurant and bars. I love the new little neighborhood bars that have been popping up. The neighbors are friendly and look out for each other. I am told that this feature is declining rarity in Philly neighborhoods, and Whitman and Pennsport are the only few left with that true Philly neighborhood love.

I am trying to get my sister to move here too when we find a good house for sale. There aren't too many new houses for sale, but that's an easy fix. I just love this neighborhood so much!
Relative to other Philadelphia neighborhoods, Whitman is one of the safest neighborhood within the city. Among with its nearby South Philly neighborhoods, Whitman was actually recognized as one of the safest places to live in Philadelphia, by Philadelphia magazine.
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Safe and tight knit community. Diverse homes range from small single family homes to larger houses with garages and decks. Close to public transportation makes traveling to Center City or Navy Yard very easy. Traditionally a blue collar neighborhood, the area still has a lot of mom and pop businesses, but is gentrifying with new college grads and employees from Navy Yard. It's definitely up and coming, but still affordable!
The only reason that I'm rating the city badly is because of the frequent drug trafficking I see in my area. It's hard to walk around the neighborhood without seeing people selling drugs.
I have lived here all my life. I love the city and the fact that I can walk anywhere I want to go or hop right in a cab. I wish there mor single homes with a little distance between neighbors.
There are many people who go to the gyms provided in Philadelphia
There are a few incidents here and there, but my street is very safe.
It would be nice to have a average size backyard and a front yard and a little space in between the houses.
Hardly any problems in Philadelphia
Philadelphia is amazing with their food and drinks, night outs and late night walks.
If you qualify, you can get a job.
Always clean and great service
some houses nice others not so much
not safe at all there is a very dirty park
i cant find a job