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My neighbors are ok. There are some nut-jobs here and there. They could be better.
It has been voted, time and time again, the most dangerous city in the USA.
Most of the homes in camden are row homes. They are all relatively townhouses that have similar exteriors and interiors. The problem is parking. The side streets are narrow and some are even two-way streets. My mother has the worst time finding a parking space. Most homes do not have driveways or garages. Since most of the homes are so close together, you can hear your neighbors. This can make living somewhat awkward.
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The weather is pretty fine here since we're on the east coast. In recent years we have recieved severe winter storms and tropical/rain storms. A few years I ago I experienced my first, low magnitude earthquake in Camden. Flooding of the roads is the main weather issue we have here.
In camden you can find somewhere to get a drink or eat out. Whether the places you go are healthy is up for questioning.
Most of the people in this city have jobs in other countys, provinces, or other states.
I can say I can get everything I need in camden, but mostly the prices are too expensive, the quality is sub par to other major franchises and businesses, and the businesses we have are few compared to how many we could or should have.
It would be better if there was more restaurants, grocery stores and gyms in my area. Some of them get closed down and won't be rebult for years.
People just go to other cities for atmosphere.
The housing situation could be better.
My block is very good but the surrounding blocks you have to be careful in.
Most of the people that live here have jobs in other cities.
Some people go and exercise in the park. There isn't really any gyms close by but the make it work.