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Whitestone is a neighborhood in Queens New York where I have enjoyed living my entire life. There are tree-lined streets making it feel suburban but just enough stores in walking distance to accommodate your needs. It is a great place to live and situated halfway between the excitement of Manhattan and the shopping and countryside of Long Island.
It's very quiet, close to Flushing, and has a lot of bus routes nearby. There are several parks, public schools, and small shopping centers sprinkled around so it's a pretty convenient place.
I honestly love living here,my work and school is near by and it is a long island style housing. Every house have a front and back yard , parking space and the house are big and beautiful.
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I might be biased, having come from this area, but ever since I've been a kid, I haven't seen a neighborhood as beautiful as Whitestone, NY. I've always appreciated where I live, and not just for the pizza, but for the people. The culture of this neighborhood is one of stereotypical New Yorkers, but in a good way. I love this neighborhood to its core because it is the environment which shaped my life to how it is now.
I use to live in Whitestone at a very young age along with my grandma and mom. I still go to Whitestone to stay over with my grandma
I like the parks and the fact that we have many trees and grass in our quiet little town. It reminds me of long island where I am originally from.
I love Whitestone because it has a suburban feel in an urban area. Not far from city and yet far enough for a resident to experience quiet and greenery. With beautiful views of the water and overlooking The Bronx and The Throgsneck Bridge, it is spectacular.
My parents decided to move to Whitestone to better my education, and I was able to receive that opportunity for the past few years, and overall succeed in my academics. The area is very quiet and seemed safe. The local areas are very near as well. I'd like to see more participation in the community and to further better it for the youth with more opportunities to be given to them.
Love the whitestone area
Great neighborhood
Good family life....good shopping
Good family values activities and quality of life
Verry safe and friendly environment
A low-crime neighborhood that is quiet and peaceful. It is full of people who care about their neighbors and help each other out.
Whitestone is a family-freindly and very family oriented neighborhood. It is a very close-knit community, with many different cultures all coming together. There are many different religious centers and all types of cultural foods in one area. Everything is very close together, so there is no need for commute to other areas to get what you want. The only issue is the lack of public transportation that runs through Whitestone. Very few buses run through Whitestone and the closest train is a 30 minute bus ride away.
I love the quiet environment, it is very peaceful here. Also, the people are fairly nice. There are stores nearby, like target, BJ's, TJ Maxx, Shoprite, Old Navy, and more! It is very convenient for grocery shopping.
Whitestone is a quiet residential area in Queens NY with a large Greek Orthodox community. Although it is residential, there is plenty to do. There are several cafes, deli's, and restaurant within walking distance of my house. It is a convenient location from all public transportation to the city.
I love living in Whitestone. It is safe, fun, and family oriented. The public schools are fantastic as well as the private schools. There are a lot of great places to eat. Lots of mom and pop shops. Whitestone has a community of people who care about the community and are involved. Whitestone is also the center of other nearby neighborhoods. Long Island is nearby as well as Manhattan and the Bronx. It's a great place to raise a family! I love it here!!
Whitestone is very diverse, but the everything seems a little more expensive compared to the surrounding areas.
I lived in Whitestone for all of my 22 years, in the same house in fact. The neighborhood is extremely family friendly, I live a block away from the elementary school I attended as a child and now my mother and grandmother work there. The town of Whitestone is becoming more diverse and it truly seems like a mini mixing pot within the bigger mixing pot of Queens. I've rarely ever heard about any violence going on in Whitestone from nieghbors or even on the news/paper. I used to work in a Real Estate office in the town over from Whitestone and we did a lot of business in Whitestone. The market is very active in Whitestone, the houses are quite pricey now so it is definitely a sellers market. I am currently working in Whitestone, 5 minutes from my house. The only down side is there is not a lot of nightlife. The village has bars but it is for an older crowd.
I have lived in Whitestone all my life and being from NYC, I have seen many neighborhoods. No neighborhood, in my eyes, can even compare to Whitestone. The community is so close-knit and the people here are friendly. There are great resources such as parks and the schools in this zone are great.
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Love how close and convenient everything is. You can find anything you need without traveling too far. Little Bay park is a great place to go biking or running they even have a dog park for your furry friends. Whitestone is also home to the famous Cherry Valley and Cristina's Deli. Great place to bring up a family and have a home.
Neighborhood has nice scenery and is quiet. Friendly neighbors. Need to take transportation or have a car to get to places, therefore it is sometimes inconvenient.
Whitestone is a family oriented community. It is safe for your children to play outside and not have to worry about them, but you still need to keep your eye on them of coarse. On a nice day you can drive down any street and see kids playing. The school district is one of the best in the borough but unfortunately there is no high school available to the residents. I would love to raised my children here but the real estate is way to high. Even when the 2008 real estate bubble burst Whitestone real estate still stayed status quo. One thing that I would change is the ability to build some affordable housing so more people could live in this great town.