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Westwood is a great small, family oriented neighborhood that you can feel safe and comfortable in! It has a great local elementary school and park. It is convenient only 10 mins to get to downtown Pittsburgh. There is easy access from Westwood to all the parkways; 15 mins away from Robinson where you have access to all the shopping centers. The only downfall is the access to public transportation.
Houses are all under 20 years old. There are no vacant properties on our street and only one for sale currently. Most homes are owner occupied. There may be one or 2 renters. Costs are probably higher as far as home value but utilities are a bit lower due to more efficient construction.
we really like it. We do not intend to leave here through our retirement. It is convenient and safe. We are close to everything we need: downtown, shopping, entertainment, but nothing is on top of us. The home is a step up from where we came from and we are one of the longest original residetns of the plan.
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Our plan is under 20 years old and though it is not luxury or custom housing it is way above average for the whole neighborhood and people in general, have kept up their property and upgraded or repaired as necessary. There are no vacant properties and only a few who do not maintain lawns and landscaping to the standard set when the homes were brand new.
We have a home owners association that plans community events: our annual meeting, a block party, movie nights and happy hours. Participation is generally low, however. Out of 50 homes, perhaps 10 families are actively involved in any of these events.
I have never felt unsafe here. We tend to know the people on the street and can spot strangers. Since we are a cul de sac and relatively new we often see "explorers" who obviously just want to see what's here! Sometimes, I feel folks have to know that we're here to find us.
We live in a plan that is less than 20 years old. We came from an older section of the West End. We are close to everything. Work and shopping are less than a half hour away on a bad day. We have a SPECTACULAR VIEW! It is really quite serene and we have a lot of wildlife: birds, deer, etc. There are great routes for walking but either bus stop is almost a mile away. This would be my main complaint. We have good city services, I think because there are a number of public works employees, police officers & firemen who live on our cul de sac! Our kids are grown so schools are not much of an issue for us. Most of the kids on the street seem to go out of the neighborhood to magnet or private schools but we do have some city teachers and administrators too. The homes are relatively modest newer construction. We have upgraded some things and plan on staying here through our retirement. We are city born & bred and would not consider the burbs.