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A premier high-end neighborhood just a block or two away from UCLA, Westwood is a fantastic place for residents of all ages and family sizes.
I think Westwood is a fantastic neighborhood with so many amazing and friendly people. Though Westwood isn't extremely diverse, it is more so than some other areas. I would also say that the standard of living here is extremely high.
It's a very clean place. UCLA is in Westwood so there's a lot of college students in the area but I also see a lot of families as well. Lots of different types of restaurants--some vegan, vegetarian, lots of ethnic cuisine.
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Westood is a great college city centered around Westood Village and UCLA. Its not all a College town of course and it is very expensive.
It is a very friendly college village in LA. It is near UCLA where I go to school, and it has mostly college students living in it. However, there are many affluent people who live in Westwood as well. Because of this, the school and areas are very clean and top tier.
It is very frustrating to always have to deal with traffic, people, etc. I did not grow up in the city so its a major change. But the town is awesome. The food in the area is amazing. Diddy Reese, Fat Sal's, Nushii, etc. They have a lot of movie premieres in Westwood too so thats cool.
Nicely sized town with all that college students need. There's a trader joe's and a giant Ralphs supermarket and enough cafes/places to eat and study. There are only buses though so public transportation is a bummer. Apartments near UCLA and the shops are very expensive. Expect a minimum of $1600 to live in your own room.
It is the perfect College Neighborhood. Sitting right next to UCLA, the is a lot of student hustle and bustle. The neighborhood is extremely nice located next to Brent wood, Beverley Hills, and Bel-air. There are numerous activities to do including great theaters, shops, and numerous places to eat. Perfect and easy neighborhood to walk around and always a new place to try out.
Westwood is very nice and close to everything you could need with grocery stores, school, and access to the freeway.
Westwood is within walking distance of UCLA and is the place to go when you need anything off campus. Not only is it clean and safe but offers everything from miscellaneous items (Target) but some of the best eating choices. The proximity to UCLA is their best asset along with the variety of options they provide for students living on campus.
Way too much partying and screaming at all hours of the night from the neighboring college students but... for students it is the ideal area as the school is right here.
Good food and shopping options. It's a really cool experience to see all the red carpet events too. The downside is that it is quite small but public transportation makes it fairly easy to get to anywhere else. At night can seem a bit scary as with most other cities, but during the day looks pretty nice and clean.
I've lived in Westwood since I was born. I've grown to appreciate just how nice of an area this is. Everything you need is within walking distance, or for those of us that drive, within a 10-minute drive. That includes groceries, a village with stores and restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and more. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is becuase of how expensive the real estate has become. I remember when the most expensive house used to be 1.5 million. Now, there are homes that sell for 5 million. Other than that, great neighborhood to live in
Its not diverse nor inclusive enough. Some of the sidewalks are very cracked and dangerous. Trees fall a lot around the neighborhood which, makes many residents nervous throughout the day and night.
It is a central location. It is easy to get to beverly hills, brentwood, santa monica, and pretty much anywhere in the West Los Angeles area.
I would like to see more diversity and serious job opportunities in the area, but the residential neighborhood is safe. However, it is very disconnected from the UCLA community, and students only come into Westwood for their groceries and beer.
I have grown up in Westwood my entire life and I absolute love it. It is in the center of Los Angeles, between Beverly Hills and Brentwood. From Westwood you are only 20 minutes from the beach and downtown. The college village is also a great hub of restaurants, shops, and movie theaters. It is the perfect neighborhood within the big city.
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There are lots of stores and restaurants nearby. The Trader Joe's, Target, and Ralphs are in all in one corner and makes it easy to do grocery shopping. The only downside is that rent can get more expensive than they're worth.
Westwood is an iconic and spectacular area for college students. The streets are thriving with energy. I absolutely love how everyone walks to their destinations because it keeps the community healthy and energized. Since the sidewalks are used so much by pedestrians, the city should improve the quality of the pavement so that pedestrians are not vulnerable to tripping over an uneven surface or a cracked sidewalk.
The town has many expensive vendors for necessities, encouraging the cost-conscious consumer to go elsewhere for cheaper basics and groceries. There is always a lot to do in Westwood in terms of entertainment, such as visiting the Hammer Museum or seeing a movie, and the college town is pretty friendly, if not very diverse. Overall it is a good place to live or visit.