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A pocket that seems to be separated from civilization, even though it's in the heart of Denver. The only good thing is a wide variety of Hispanic restaurants/cantinas and shops.
Not the safest neighborhood but not bad either. One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Denver. Very close to downtown and highways. You can find everything you need nearby.
I think that the crime in the area is under control. Of course the amount of crime has increased since the migration people from other states and the increase of population has to do with the change. But it's not something the community can't handle. I don't have any concerns on my safety or for others since I always notice that officials are always patrolling the area.
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I think the community in this area has treated me good. First of all there is always somewhere you can go to, for example there are many different religious centers in the area. There are two beautiful parks that you can enjoy. There is a wide variety of restaurants with different cultures and foods. There are events going on every week end. There are soccer, football, and baseball fields almost everywhere. Lastly there is many schools in the area, and their rating is growing over time.
Lots of ethic food and options fairly cheap
I feel like most jobs require bilingualcy
Older houses section 8 duplexes and project housing
Mostly free clinics in the area
Most car jackings a lot of assults
The connico here has 24/7 pan handling and drugs
Crime is heard about frequently but I haven't been affected by it.
I can be sunny one hour and be snowing in the next few hours. Colorado has very strange weather but it is enjoyable.
There is a variety of cuisine restaurants. I don't know about the nightlife options.
Most go work in surrounding neighborhoods.
Local businesses seem run down and could use some remodeling.
there isn't much to look at in this area. if I took a road trip of at least an hour I might see some of the natural beauty.
little crime rate in this area. As anywhere you go it does exist but thus far I have minimal experience with crime. Police in this area are very visible and strongly enforce traffic laws. As far as larger emergencies I cant speak for nor against them.
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Police and fire stations tend to be a distance away from my area. if there was a serious emergency I think I would have a better chance of having a friend or neighbor drive me to the hospital then risk waiting on an emergency vehicle. I prefer not to state my position on representatives/state reps/ government/ect. being a veteran I have a very strong stand point but I also prefer not to state my position.
it is very rare that mother nature hands us more then we can handle. If it snows, we adapt. If it rains, we adapt. iv never seen a disaster that has severely impacted the community in which I reside to a point where we cannot function.
The job market in the area I resided is overworked, underpaid across the board. Its a struggle trying to make a decent living in a ethnic based community. I personally commute an hour to get to work, where I still make nearly minimum wage. I know my value does not decrease based on someone else's inability to see my self worth. I know I am worth more then an $8.00 per hour job but because I don't have the knowledge or experience in the needed areas, I have to settle for what I can get to get by.