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I like that the neighborhood I live in is fairly clean and close to a lot of things to do. That being said, the construction on the roads is terrible and so are the condition of the roads. I moved here August of last year and the construction seems to be no closer to be completed as it was a year ago. Another problem I have encountered is that car alarms are going off constantly and it isn't due to people breaking in. It's simply the owners getting into their cars. It's almost as if they didn't realize that they are living in close proximity to people who are trying to sleep at 11:00 at night.
It's a short commute to downtown and there's an prominent urban feel to the neighborhood. There is a good variety of job opportunities and stores.
My experience in West wood has been good. I will always remember where I came from years from now and the people who helped my become who I am. In the small community I live in I like the peaceful neighbors that I have and the togetherness of the people I live with. What I would like to see changed in West wood as a a whole is a safer environment. The housing and buildings are out of date and unkempt. I think this community needs change in great ways. Once we change West wood I think kids will be given a better opportunity to thrive in this world.
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Thriving and growing Town Hall district includes a new brewery, coffee shop, and niche markets for antiques / furnishings, pet needs, yoga, and more. An active town council engages the public in important conversations about growth and community, and sponsors monthly summer events that bring live music, fun events, and great food to Westwood.
All the festivals and summer activities and stores are very convenient. I would fix all the pot holes and traffic jams.
I don't feel as safe as I'd like to but the police are always around. I work at United Dairy Farmers and there are always police coming in which makes me feel very secure.
It's pretty nice and there is a good elementary school right down the street. Only real problem is the same as most places anymore, drug problems and crime. It hopefully will get better in the future. I have lived in and around this area most of my life but I would like to move to a nicer area where I wouldn't have to worry so much about the drug addicts and thieves.
The housing unit I live in has a secure entrance and is very secluded so it shuts us out from the violence and outside interferences. I also like the cost of living here as it is very affordable.
This is an old community meaning the homes are old and most of the people have been here all of their lives. it is very rare to have someone move into this area.
Crime is increasing in parts of the neighborhood but not directly where I live. it is all around me and I can turn on the news and hear of a homicide almost nightly. But my small area has been cleared of the violence so far.
The crime in the area is getting worse but that seems to be consistent around the world. The area we live in is a small community that is quiet, clean and a safe place so far. The price is very reasonable but we have noticed the crime is having an effect on the neighborhood.