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There are many great house with well kept lawns but there is also a lot of ghetto apartments.
Most are Hispanic and communicate well with each other.
My area isn't the best but I still love it.
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I don't live in the best area but could be worse.
I do not see crime often in my area
Summers are too hot and winters are too cold
Crime is increasing but the police are responsive and try to keep the city safe.
The overall experience in Long Beach enables growth.
If I could do it all over again, I'd choose a different area to live in.
Because there's a police station nearby I feel safe!
Most of the people I know are finding any jobs they can just to gain the money they need but they never complain about their job. To them work is work and they don't have to stress over it!
I enjoy where I live because of how everything is not only-child/teenage friendly, you're able to gain a sense of individuality around the neighborhoods. Schools, grocery stores, salons, gas stations, and even buses are so easy to walk to, I wouldn't trade where I live for anywhere else!
Only when the tree is lying horizontally on the floor is when the city will attempt to handle it, instead of removing it when it first posed a threat. There is an abundance of potholes, and very rarely are they filled. Natural disasters do not strike here; we only have rain, thunder, and lightning.
The only thing we have over here is liquor stores and a grocery store. I highly disapprove of shopping there. My grandmother not too long ago slipped and fell in water while there was no wet floor sign, Also,there is no fresh food.
I never see any job openings in my neighborhood. New jobs rarely ever appear.
I do not leave my house past sunset if I am not in a car because the local gang comes out at night. Crime happens every single day, even with the presence of a police station 6 blocks away/
There are very little to none organic or vegetarian/vegan options around here. Other than that, all we have is fast food and chain restaurants. Again, I would need to go to a different part of town to seek healthy options.
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My area only consist of city parks, which most of them are filthy. The homeless use the parks as a means of living. The parks always contain litter and very dirty bathrooms.
Because there is not much congestion, people constantly speed down the street, even racing past stop signs. It is only safe to walk or bike early in the day. Parking is not that hard to find.
There is nothing exciting that would attract tourist to this area. There are no local events that take place. Most people go to the nearby park.