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I love my hometown of Tucson, AZ.
Tucson is a tourist attraction we have many museums and once a year we host the Gem Show many peiple around the country come down to look at/buy gems. Every week there is a concert going on either rock, Mexican, techno, or international bands as well. There are plenty of good restaurants, parks, pools, even activity places like Rocks and Ropes and Get Air. Oh and dont forget the sunsets we have a viewing area away from the city and at night you can see all the stars it is very beautiful.
The crime in my neighborhood is very minimal I hardly ever hear people talk about how unsafe this neighborhood is. Others do have a reputation, but cops are always around anywhere I go I see a cop. Every so often there are traffic vehicles scanning cars to check their speed. I honestly dont have any concerns or worries living here.
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Tucson, Arizona is one of the top cities for people to ride bikes. Every street has its bike lane and very often throughout the day you see people riding their bikes. It's bus system is getting better there are public busses that go around the city. They are not too clean but the transportation is efficient. Overall Tucson has great availability of transportation.
El Guero Canelo is a restaurant that started here in Tucson, Arizona; it's a local Mexican restaurant. They have tacos, hot dogs, burros, tortas, menudo, almost every Mexican dish. It has grown dramatically it first started out as a hot dog stand and now it was two very popular restaurants. I recommend coming to this restaurant you will not regret it.