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Quiet area with little going on that is out of the ordinary
The general atmosphere is quiet. Many young families and older families. Not many kids in the area at all.
The house was great for a family of 4.
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Its a very quiet area, a huge family shouldn't expect to make many friends.
The roads are in need of repair, which is the case with most Michigan roads.
Overall, a quiet, suburban neighborhood with everything you need.
Crime doesn't happen much in this neighborhood. Its actually very calm
The atmosphere is amazing, I wouldn't replace it for the world.
The Grand Rapids area has been constantly growing. The atmosphere of the area is always great and there is little to no crime. There are many opportunities in the downtown Grand Rapids area which features the largest ArtPrize. The most interesting and important opportunity to me is the "Medical Mile" because I am pursuing a career in the health field. I would live here all over again if I had the choice to stay or move.
I love living in Grand Rapids. It is always full of activities throughout the year and there is always something to do.
Let's just be honest here- Michigan weather is horrible. Winters are completely brutal, and you can even experience all 4 seasons in one week. Summers seem to be average temperature, only a few days over 80 degrees. Spring and Fall days are perfect, no complaints.
There are very few areas to eat that are unsatisfying. Many areas have the best food for reasonable prices.
Like the housing, It really depends on what area you are in where crime in prevalent. If anything, the most frequent crimes are robberies, sometimes being armed. There are not many house break ins, and minimal crimes in good areas.
The level of housing completely depends on what area of Grand Rapids you are in. You can be in an upscale neighborhood and minutes later enter into the lower level of Grand Rapids. But in general, there are many opportunities of luxury housing.
Grand Rapids is an area where whatever you are looking for is not far away. There are many original restaurants, many shopping malls, and thriving small companies along with chain companies. You can find everything you need within the area of Grand Rapids.
There are incredible opportunities in the Grand Rapids Area. It is especially a center of medical expertise, where hospitals are always in need of new and licensed workers.