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I like that I am closer to family, but their is so much crime that goes on over here and I would really like to move back to the heights where all my friends live because I don't ever get to hangout with my friends.
I have lived here for about 2 years now and there is absolutely ZERO complaints in this neighborhood. I have always felt so comfortable with everyone I come into contact with. The amount of parks, facilities, and schools nearby make it that much more awesome. I always recommend family and friends to search for homes on the west side.
Grow up on westside of Albuquerque near the review. Great community and like the outdoor activities such as hiking and skating .
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There's not much crimes near the apartment but, you do hear police sirens going up and the street. The apartment complex is near other complexes and houses so, it's more of family community. Security patrols near sundown and the police patrols around midnight.
In this area, everyone keeps to themselves and there're parks in almost every direction, and the area is more for small families. There's an emergency hospital across the street and a 24/7 gas station which isn't far. I like it and would live here again. I like maintenance here than at Spain Gardens Apartment. I can see the apartments getting bigger and the whole complex improving.
My time here has been a very vital to general atmosphere because I felt completely welcomed. The best thing about being here is most of the great people that I've gotten to meet, they have also contributed to making every student on campus feel like they are the most important person in the world. From the personal questions that they ask you to get to know you to the fun activities that they have you do on dawg days, this has overall been the greatest experience that I have had in my entire life.
There is very rarely any crime where I live. An occasional event occurs but it is nothing out of the normal.
I have lived here my entire life and have grown to love the area. There is not much to do for a college student here but it is a very nice place to live overall.
there is crime like drunk drivers but I do not see much more than that people have been in alot of hit and runs and that has caused alot of deaths the police are ok but the kind of suck when it comes to responding to calls
I think its an okay place however the economy is bad and this state in general is a poor state. So if there were more opportunities it would be a better place. That is why I left.
The community that I live in is great. It seems to be pet and family friendly.
The crime in Albuquerque as a whole has been progressively getting worse, however the area that i specifically live in is not very bad.
The area in which I live is fantastic. It is a safe area in Albuquerque and is close to the mall, access to the freeway, shopping and restaurants.
Police response to 911 calls.
The creation of ART, transportation bus on Central Ave middle of the road.
There have been a few odd encounters within this area regarding safety. There is a backroad to take and two times this year cars have driven into a homeowners backyard. Other than that I find this area to be safe and for the majority of the time crime free with police just right around the corner.
For the time I have spent living in this area, I am very fond of overall atmosphere. I feel safe in my neighborhood which is very important for any occupant in a home. I have a beautiful view of a new mexico sunsets in the evening. We live in a clean and kept up area. We have a park and community pool that is open to us. I hope they keep the rest of land behind our home is free as it's a great place to go running and exercising with my dog.
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We've never had to call the cops, one time they did do a safety check and walked around the whole neighborhood. Nothings really happened in the neighborhood to be really concerned about.
We moved in right before I started kindergarten. I was so excited to have my own room and a big backyard to play in. I remember once we got my room all set up I was so happy, I kept walking in and out just to be sure it was still perfect each time. Our next door neighbor had a niece who would visit every summer, we would hang out almost everyday. Our neighbors are nice and very welcoming, every Christmas we exchange cookie platters. This is the best neighborhood we've lived in. It's close to everything and the schools I've gone to have been great.
The neighborhood I live in is relatively safe but other area are fairly bad. Drug dealing is a problem.