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I love my home and living on my block, but once you walk around the corner, it's a COMPLETE war zone. I would to see more establishments and more police patrol
Westport is an older community with families that have lived there for over fifty or more years. The community had slot of potential and is in need of revitalization. Westport is crime ridden and needs more police presence. Safety for youth and elderly is a major concern.
They are very small and built right next to each other
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People do use drugs but they also exercise regularly as well.
When there is a problem the police don't come right away unless the crime is very severe.
The weather is always great
There aren't many places you can get a job at in this neighborhood.
We have to drive to closer neighborhoods to get most of the things we need.
there's trash everywhere on the street. windows are broken into. it smells like garbage.