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somewhat its good and bad but depends on pur choices
our weather is very bipolar so we dont really lnow what the weather is tomorrow
not really it gets really old
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mostly call center and wareehouse nd retail jpns which is easier then most othr location
we have walmart and grocery store but each grocery stores carry cwrtain things i want to i have to travel to 2different stores.
I feel safe in my area - I believe it's possible for crime to take place anywhere, and having neighbors who are aware that anything can happen at anytime/any place makes me feel better about the people I have living around me. We are all attentive to anything suspicious going on in our neighborhood because we aren't delusional in believing that nothing bad could happen where we live. From all of us being aware I believe it helps us all to avoid experiencing much crime in our area.
My neighborhood was well built. The houses on our street have a similar style and look to each other but each is unique and has it's own individual character and layout. I really enjoy my neighborhood.
I have never felt more safe and welcomed than I do in my neighborhood. I know each of my neighbors, where they work and how to get in touch with them if need be. Our neighborhood is very tight knit and I think that would surprise a lot of people!
The weather here can vary greatly. We see all types of weather during the year but it is pretty seasonal most years. We get great snow in the winter. Long hot days during the summer. And nice, long, beautiful fall & spring months to enjoy. We truly can experience all the seasons here in Utah.
Night life here is pretty boring, unless you enjoy the same old club scene. There are great bars but not so much clubs. The late night activities that are available are definitely limited.
there are plenty of jobs available in our area, however not everyone has the necessary training to meet the minimum requirements. I believe that if people were willing to work a little harder they wouldn't have any problem finding suitable jobs that pay decently
Business in this area is pretty good at meeting the needs of it's customers. I feel satisfied whenever I visit a store in my area.
Overall it is a nice looking area with good housing options!
Overall a very happy and welcoming people. People from all over the world and all sorts of culture backgrounds are present!!
There is a good mix of local business and franchise. You can find whatever you are looking for here. There are some really nice malls in the city!
There are some really good hospitals close by, and they move along well.
Nothing too special or bad about the public services in this area. Everything goes on fine!
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When people move into this area, they usually stay. It is a great place to raise children and start a family. Great diversity of people and backgrounds!
There are several malls close by with great food options and there are places for any liking.
Overall it is a really safe place, but the crime rates have been increasing. But I feel safe to walk around the city!