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This city is safe and the police officer and stations are visible and responsible.
Irvine Is one of the best cities in regarding safety and education, in this city each level of education is taken seriously and teachers, faculty and staff are mostly high educated. I'm still living in this city and as a students point of view this city is expanding in every area.
Very safe and reliable environment.
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It's overall pleasant and fun
Crime in this area is close to zero, or at least no one hears about it occurring. I live right across from Irvine Police Department, so of course crime is not prevalent. The police in this city are anal retentive to say the least, but they do a great job and ensure everyone's safety. I'm sure I speak for many people when I say that I am extremely thankful for them.
The general atmosphere is quiet, clean, and safe. There are many business and restaurants in the surrounding area. I personally like areas with a little bit more culture, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. I would rank Irvine a 10 in many areas, but culture is not one of them. It is a perfect place for families with children to live. However, as kids grow up here and get older, they realize that there is close to NOTHING to do around here.
The residents are involved in the community and friendly
One of the safest city of the US
The area is clean and friendly
very bad area, overpopulated with illegal immigrants, government is corrupt, city is run by a faceless corporatino who cares about nothing except profits, most of the people do not speak english, are not americans, and contribute zero to the economy, sending all earnings back to their own country and not paying taxes. The government does not care and even illegal immigrants are being elected into office. Something needs to change drastically.
There are literally parks on every corner and they are all beautiful. There are multiple trails to go jogging and ride bikes. There are several places to go for short hikes.
There are no crimes to speak of that are known to the public. The worst that seems to happen is theft by teenagers at local stores, but nothing more serious than that.
Public services in this area are not bad. There are plenty of fire stations located throughout the city, and the police are never far away. Public transportation could use some improvement with the timing of the buses, but other than that everything is good.
Being in Southern California means that there are very few natural disasters to worry about. Earthquakes happen from time to time, but you almost never feel them, and the drought is something that has been affecting the state for many years and we have all been able to handle it. We do get Santa Ana winds on occasion, but those typically last a week at the most and then the weather goes back to a comfortable temperature.
There are quite a few employers in the area, but it is often difficult to find a job if you have little or no experience.
The local businesses in the area are not bad. It is difficult for mom-and-pop shops to thrive due to the larger corporations that seemingly take over the entire city. There are many shopping centers with various shops and eateries. Some shopping centers have more retail stores, and others have more places to eat. There is a large variety of ethnic foods mixed in with the more common American places.
Sunny most of the time.
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not much vacancy. cost is high
there are a good amount stores
No major crimes. Very safe