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Its a great town to live in very clean, has enough room for everyone, schools provide kids what they need.
Stamford operates like a small town that wants to grow up and be a big city. However, this will not happen until they get rid of their small town politics.
I believe that Stamford is a wonderful city.
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Pretty quiet, not too much traffic,
The area is very nice, it has a lot to offer however it has changed a lot in the past decade and that small town feel is no more. We are more of a city which is evident by the mass amount of cars and the new developments that are going up all the time. However, one thing that is not a good attribute of this area is everything is very expensive.
In the summer time, you see a lot of families out whether its for a BBQ or a family walk. Parks are full and the sporting spaces are always full
The area where I live is very kid friendly and family oriented. It is in walking distance to two elementary schools and one middle schools. It is in walking distance to downtown and 2 parks. People tend to live here for many years.
A lot of snow in the winter and gets very cold. And in the summer its humid.
Night life is amazing, a lot of people go out to the bars downtown then head over to the city to continue the party. This town is also filled with a lot of social events for all age groups, especially in the summer.
Because of the economy it is still hard to find a job. But the town is very commercial and it is a very close commute to the city.
There are a lot of businesses to choose from. From franchise to mom and pop shops. They are all welcoming to customers, and have excellent customer service.
Sometimes there are breakins into cars, but not in houses.
If you are in finance or a doctor, you can do very well here.
I drive to do all of my shopping. But on nice days in warm weather, I can walk to Starbucks or Robeks and get a drink or snack.
There are a lot of potholes and bad road construction but it is mostly safe.
I love this community and would live here forever if I could
Rent is fairly expensive for very small houses or apartments, but most are nice.
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the public services are fairly good. The police/fire station are good.
I am not very sure of salary or satisfaction levels but there probably are many job openings.
There is not many natural places, parks, outdoor places nearby. If so, they are not that well kept.