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Westover Hills Reviews

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It's a pretty safe area.
I'm close to downtown which is where all the clubs are.
The biggest issue is fixing the potholes.
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This is a really good area for shopping
From what I see it seems that many people exercise regularly and seem healthy. I cannot personally speak on the eating/drinking/drug habits of other people but from observation people seem fairly healthy.
My neighborhood is very close to a lot of attractions. There may be actual neighborhood events going on or other events close by that are easily accessible. Where I live is not a big tourist area but I can easily get to downtown where tourists would be.
My neighborhood is very pedestrian friendly. The biggest problem with the roads is how quickly the potholes get fixed.
I feel the local government could be doing more as far as improving the city budget, improving the quality of schools and roads, etc.
The layout changes depending on where in the neighborhood the house is
I live in a very safe neighborhood
I love my neighborhood, it's safe and quiet