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Hard pass. Its just a little too sketchy for my tastes still. When it cleans up, it will be a great area tho.
Westlake is a great area. I have lived here almost my entire life and have enjoyed it. Not a lot to do here.
Westlake, located in the famous City of Angels consists of strong cultural roots, pride, and even struggle. Westlake is a low-income community where it is evident to many how much community members put in effort in order to succeed. Westlake has been my home for the past 16 years, where anyone can find one's identity and have strong opinions on a variety of topics. Wetslake is the true representation of the American Dream and how many are willing to do anything to accomplish it.
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The things I liked about west lake is the amount of diversity in the neighborhood. There is so much different types of shops, restaurants, and many other establishments in the area. The amount of people that greet you every morning and all.
I've been living in this neighborhood for 14 years and it's safe for the most part. I had a wonderful experience in elementary school and in kindergarten. Something that really needs to change is that the street need to be more lit at night time. Also there are a lot of homeless people on the streets. Being able to navigate which parts of the neighborhood are less suspicious can be daunting, but it definitely gets better once you get used to it.
I've lived here my whole life, and although it's not as dangerous as it can be, it is still a very dirty, dangerous area.
I love how central it is to everything, (except LAX!), and the people in the area are so great and friendly. Lots of dogs.
Becoming gentrified. Pretty decent diversity. Not the safest neighborhood but it's not too dangerous.
It is pretty diverse but i would like to see good changes such as smoother road and healthier grocery stores
Growing up in Westlake is not as bad as others think. Just because you live in a neighborhood thats gang affiliated doesn't mean that you can't succeeds as a student. It's all about you and how hard you push yourself.