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There are no abandoned properties. The cost of housing and utilities isn't bad.
People tend to live in this area majority of their life, or retire here. This area is pet and family friendly.
There is rarely ever crime in this area. I always see police in this area and there's a fire department right outside of my neighborhood. Im not concerned about crime at all.
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I live in a great atmosphere. My area is very safe and comfortable. If I could choose moving here all over again I would. This area compared to a lot of places is a 4/5. What I see in the future for this area will probably be the same as it is now. It will still be safe and feel like home even if I ever were to move and come back.
The crime & safety is very good in my area. It is a very comfortable place to be. Police are constantly monitoring the city and even at my school. There is hardly any crime in Henderson.
The area where I live, Henderson, is my favorite place in the whole world. I have an amazing family, go to an amazing school and in Henderson with it being so close to Las Vegas, about 10 minutes away, there is infinite things you can do. My family and I always go to a place called The District. It is a very fun and comfortable place filled with shops, restaurants, salons, etc. Aside from that, my personal neighborhood is very lovely and so close to my school and many grocery stores, restaurants, smoothie shops, and so much more. I love the place where I live and I would never want to leave.
I do not think there is much crime within this area. I feel safe most often.
I like this area. It's very sunny.
We have very low crime rates and I feel safe being outside at night while it's dark. The cops pull people over more than they probably should but I assume they're just bored.
It is an extremely safe and inclusive community. There are a lot of LDS people which is a deal breaker for me. The weather is nice despite being hot and the homes are a great size. I would definitely choose to live in Henderson again.
Honestly there is no vandalism, no graffiti, no unkept yards nor rentals, no abandoned buildings. Everything in the area is kept clean and up to par. Police are visible and there's many of them who live in the area and a police station right down the street.
I would choose this Henderson area over any other part of town. Everything is in easy access, crime rate is low, you don't run into much trouble, there are available jobs, a hospital just down the street, and plenty of available help.
I have never really experience any crime or witnessed enough to rate accurately.
This area is great. I have no complaints and if I had any they are very mild. High school football games sometimes cause noise disruption but it is very mild. Overall, I love living here!
I live in an apartment and it is very well kept. The outside community is well cleaned and I never see any problems that need to be fixed. The inside of the apartments are really nice and spacious. I feel like its as nice as owning a home. The look of the interior apartment is very modern.
I honestly have never talked to any of my neighbors but the people who work in the front office of the apartments. They do sent out emails and host many community events and get togethers.
Always sunny, never crowded, not too noisy, many shopping, restaurants near by. Really easy to get to the freeway.
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I am not involved in local politics but do care about government on a national level. I am a democratic and always vote straight democrat.
All houses look the same. Not much variety which makes in boring. The houses are right next to each other with small yards and concrete walls mostly around all of them
Weather is fantastic here except for the summer months (3) months are brutal in the summer but the other 9 months are perfect.