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Very safe and beautiful area with a great park. This is by far the nicest neighbor in the zip code. Although it borders Hilltop, an area with moderate petty crime, it doesn't affect Westgate as far as I've seen, read or heard.
Westgate is fantastic. Beatiful tree lines streets filled with well kept old homes full of character. Other than the occasional car break and such, crime is pretty much non existent.

The community is fantastic. Neighbors talk to and look out for one another, kids play outside, etc. At the heart of the neighborhood is a HUGE park with 2 playgrounds, a state of the art Rec center, baseball fields, basketball courts, hand/racquetball courts and an indoor shelter house with A/C, heat and a kitchen that can be rented for events.

Schools are average, but if you learn how to navigate the lottery system in Columbus you can get your child into just about any school in the system.

The only drawback is a severe lack of retail/restaurants. There are 2 fantastic breweries (side swipe and Four Strong) within a quick bike ride of the neighborhood though. Grandview is also very close.
In my direct neighborhood,, there is rarely a problem with vacant or abandoned properties, but in the are surrounding my neighborhood, there are several vacant buildings.
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I would like to see more neighborhood community events.
We seem to have a lot of car breakins in our neighborhood. Police are fairly visible in this are. We also have a block watch.
You get a really good quality home for the price in this neighborhood.
There is a casino nearby. We have plenty of pizza places for when you need to get food over the phone. Many of the strip malls have been converted to schools of some sort. There are bars everywhere. There just is not enough jobs for my part of town to be uplifted. The fast food jobs are hard to get because there is a lot of competition to work there.
There are only so many jobs open and most of them just pass folks around; they only want people with an extensive history of working to work. So, getting into a job in entry level does not really exist as entry level really means something other than what its suppose to mean.