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The people here are not very outgoing or friendly.
It's always too hot here. When it gets a little cold for two weeks in the winter, everyone freaks out.
It's not diverse here. Everyone follows the same beliefs.
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Many houses are trashy, except in the rich areas. Also there are many suburbs and not enough character to houses.
There isn't much of a community here. There are always new people moving in, and none of the neighbors converse.
People don;t know how to drive here and do so recklessly.
There are many dark roads and plenty of pot holes.
we have few vegetarian and organic options, but there are too many chains that don;t allow local businesses to grow.
Our beaches have oil bits in the sand and trucks that pollute the air nearby.
There are some job opportunities.
It's very hot here, so most people don't usually get out and exercise.
We only have a farmers market once a week, and there isn't much to do in entertainment. However, there are some local events that happen every now and then.
We have a very good fire squad, however, our police are a bit ignorant.
HEB is a family-owned grocery company only located in Texas. It is very efficiently run and always progressing towards new, creative products while still appeasing to the customer.