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Westfield is a very friendly residential community in northeast Baltimore. The Harford Road commercial district is within walking distance. Single family homes in Westfield are relatively affordable and have large back yards. It's an ethnically and economically diverse community with good schools. It's a very laid-back place to live in the city.
I’ve lived in Westfield my entire life. Growing up here, we made it cozy but it was harsh. It wasn’t safe to walk up to the gas station, or to walk to the CVS. As little kids we all hid ourselves from the gunshots we heard, or the drug addicts and prostitutes walking by. we made it fun. I’ve made Westfield my home, but it’s not for everybody. I’m only 14, but I get teased for living in “the ghetto.” our neighborhood isn’t ALL that bad, but it sure does need some help. But hey, at least we’ve got diversity.
Nothing serious happens around here.
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It a really peaceful area for the fact its in the city.
They have a lot options to choice from, lots of different store around.
It nothing special, so it ok.