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I would like to change more parks or places to hang out. I don't like many restaurants here. And the area is kinda dangerous.
I've lived in the western addition area for six years and I think its amazing. There are so many resources in the area. For example, there are lots of stores, restaurants, and shopping areas. Japan town is right in the center. There is also a library, public pool, public recreation center, and many family friendly parks.
western addition is a chic yet fun location with a beercade, concert venue, cannabis dispensary and bbq place nearby alongside other great food and drink locations. close to other popular neighborhoods and attractions, the streets of western addition are rarely empty during the day. the bread and pizza that the mill bakery churns out every day is a must.
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I was born and raised in San Francisco so I have still how impacted we are from outside source. Sf became very congested about 2/3 years ago and I noitcw with the tech boom it has driven our rent extremely high. Happily for the Western Addition it’s not crowded although it’s real estate had an massive inflation. The area is still nice and has became very diverse. It’s an welcoming area for all people! I love it
Not a good idea to stay out very late. Many kids have broken my car windows, especially right before the holidays! Do not walk alone. Also have pepper spray with you. Never make eye contact with people.
Depending on what street you live, there could be gangs. If you kept to yourself nothing bad will happen.
I haven't had any crime happen to me or seen any.
Friendly, quiet neighborhood in a large city.
I love the weather here. If I could take the weather with me where life takes me I would be thrilled. It would be nice if it rained to prevent fires and help save the crops that are being affected by the drought but at this point who knows.

A scarf is the most important item in my wardrobe as the weather frequently changes it is also important to wear layers.
911 is a joke, I have never been put on hold before, or told not to hang up and then be hung up on my first time calling for work. The second time I was not put on hold and was given pretty good directions. The response time of police seemed to be a little long, the fire response seemed to be okay. I do not know much about local laws. I believe in most of city and state officials.
I do not know how long people typically live in the area as I am still pretty knew myself. San Francisco is very pet friendly and the animal parks make me smile. There are many opportunities for events/engagement.
San Francisco has won global awards for the advancement in transportation. Safety is a major concern in the city and the pedestrian crosswalks and bicycle lanes make things easier for people. Although there are many measures for commutes safety is still an issue as people still do not respect the laws set. Public transportation could be better but is pretty awesome. Traffic is ridiculous and parking is horrible.
There are many many businesses. The most popular grocery stores are Safeway, Food Co, and Whole Foods. There are many small mom and pop grocery stores, shops, and the main convenience stores are CVS, and Walgreens.

You can buy pretty much whatever you want here in San Francisco.
The people here are full of diversity. It is such a joy to walk past people who all look different, speak different, speak multiple languages, and it is a pleasure to meet people who respect and value our difference. Many people seem happy and some are friendly.
I believe that it is difficult to get a job in the city and I feel blessed to have a good job. There is a wide spectrum of jobs of jobs in San Francisco.
I do not know a lot about the crime i my area. There is loitering, vandalism, and graffiti.
There are a slew of attractions for example Alamo Square, Pier 39, Haight Ashbury, and many many more. There are frequent concerts, the opera, symphonies, and plenty of free events to attend.
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Outdoor activities are endless, whether it is walks in Golden Gate Park, Buena Vista park sites, or the view of Twin Peaks. The national parks are amazing. I do not know much about the pollution. There are pollutants but the city is also well on its way minimize pollutants.
I love this city. It would be nice if there were more affordable universities that had open enrollment before a year. It would also be wonderful if the housing was affordable.

There are many opportunities but there is a great disparity between the classes.

It would be wonderful if the technological influences could combine with that of other groups to find solutions for the homeless crisis. San Francisco paved the way on HIV/AIDS education, treatment, and protection. I see San Francisco as paving the way on homelessness as well.
There are numerous work out facilities to include Fitness SF, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, and a variety of other gyms. People are pretty physically active here. There are numerous hospitals throughout the city and the majority run along bus lines.

I injured myself a few months ago and am just now able to walk for a few blocks without pain. I typically walk for exercise but look forward to returning to the gym as soon as I am cleared.