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Great place to grow, friendly people all around. Local pizzerias are around if you know where to look.
Great place to live. A lot like "Small town USA", filled with police officers, firefighters, other city workers and is very family oriented.
The area you can see some people working on their health by running, jogging and walking through out the neighborhood. Our neighborhood does not really provide an affordable health and fitness gym. The monthly fee for kick boxing is not really affordable. People then rely on the walking , running and jogging along with carrying the water bottles.
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Near the area we have a few fast food areas example Burger King, Wendy's , McDonald's, which provide food in a normal pace until closing. Pizzeria parlors are available with set time to deliver fresh pasta food example lasagna. There are about one or two bars/nightlife in the area. I do not know much about them. I have not entered them due to the overcrowding that I see outside the doors. Overall variety you can see in the neighborhood.
Public transportation is available with different options for everyone meaning only buses travel on the street. No train available. Numerous shops have numerous parking lots available for everyone. The major problem i do see is traffic congestion due the over crowding of homes being built and construction on the expressway. This will cause motorist to get off the expressway and travel through the neighborhoods looking for short cuts. This congestion causes back ups and sometimes yelling in the streets.

There is a mixture of different stores in the neighborhood. Most of the stores are guided for the family to enter and purchase within reasonable means. Even though the area has been subjected to stores closing due to the economy reasons. Others stores have been striving to stay open by providing quality, quantity, one to one customer service, concerns, values, affordable prices.
The area is family based. Neighbors knowing each other and working together in time of need. Need meaning when we had the bad snow storm and no one could enter the neighborhoods or streets to help us, we were put into the hands of helping each other out. This is called unity with your neighbors.