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The community is family/pet friendly. There are many families living in my neighborhood along with many extended families. There are many pet owners living in the area.
Crime and safety issues aren't a great concern. Graffiti has increased over the last five years after new residents moved into the area. There are some incidents of adults smoking in marijuana in the park or noise pollution. The police take care of the any issues rather quickly in the area due to small amount of incidents. The police aren't very visible.
I have lived in my neighborhood my entire life. My neighborhood is located in the north-eastern part of the Bronx. It's mainly a residential area with a shopping district a few blocks away. Residential buildings are mixed in with 2-3 family houses and a few single family homes. For many of my early years, the area was quiet and decent. Then about 5 years ago, the neighborhood began to change. The change was slightly to the worse. The area previously had it's young tough guys who were always hanging out at the park or on the corner but the rowdiness was minimal. The rise in noise pollution, street garbage, and unsavory characters came when some small 3-family houses were renovated. Low income families entered the new homes. Unfortunately, these families brought their old habits with them. The neighborhood experienced a rise in littering and noise pollution. The neighborhood also saw an influx of Muslims. I describe them by religion due to not knowing their exact country of origin of those who moved into my neighborhood. They are visible by their traditional clothing and the women wearing burqas. Hindus from India are also quite visible now too. Hopefully, the area returns to the quiet and clean neighborhood it was once.
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The atmosphere of this area is like your typical New York City streets where you need to beware of your surroundings, friendly yet cautious, and traveling is very convenient. Although streets may be dangerous, especially at night, I would not change a thing about where I live. It has shaped me to be street smart, a better person and a better decision maker. I hope that one day, kids of future generations will try to make these streets safer, cleaner, and friendlier.
It's nice and quiet during the school hours, but when there are parties, the people become loud
The Westchester Square section of the Bronx is up and coming. The community is vibrant and multicultural which I absolutely love. However it is really expensive to live in this section which is quite disturbing.
Although I do not enjoy my neighborhood, the over all location is very convenient for some one to live in. My house is relatively close to malls as well as a public library and hospitals. It is also located right next to a highway, and if travel a little far there is the Pehlambay Park with the river as well. In addition I have buses and trains that allows me to travel to other borrows very easily.
This area is very convenient. Public transportation, laundry facilities and supermarkets are very close to where I live.
The weather can change drastically just like any other place in New York City.
The food near the area are vastly improving with the opening of more restaurants.
The local businesses are great in this area, anything you need is pretty much around this area which is convenient.