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Nice, small neighborhood. Has an ant problem, but it’s nothing a couple of ant traps won’t fix. Do be careful for college students living next door however, as LMU is right around the corner.
Westchester is growing as a community and has plenty of restaurants and services nearby. It is not a walkable area, which is the saddest part of the town as it is quite nice to walk between shops, just not on busy streets.
The houses need to be redone for the prices they are selling for. But, the location is great! The restaurants are good and plenty. The Westfield mall is near by and it has more stores now.
You will see people walking their dogs and parents taking strolls with their babies. It is a pretty safe place. But one problem is, because Westchester is so close to LAX airport, some people leave their cars parked in front of your place. For weeks or days, annoying either way.
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It’s a hidden residential gem in Los Angeles. It’s located close to everything in Westside/Southbay with easy access to major freeways and LAX. It’s a neighborhood underestimated by many.
Westchester has been my home for about 16 years. I have grown up, made close friends, learned how to drive, and more, in this area. I consider Westchester my home, and I am very sad to leave for college where there won't be the sound of airplanes or my cats to keep me company.
Perfect for small families and located a short distance from LAX, Downtown Los Angeles, and the beaches. Easy commute to Santa Monica and Westwood.
It's a good place to live with plenty of things to do. Good neighborhood along with great good. It is surrounded by two colleges. It's safer than mis5 places. The only thing that is hard to deal with is traffic buy hey it is LA.
I now attended Westchester High I enjoy this area very cultured. The food is good and it's near LAX and shopping. I would like to see more kid friendly places
It is close to all freeways, as well as Lax. It is a quite neighborhood with a diverse community. Loyola Marymount University is also apart of the community. It has a lot of activities available for everyone, farmers markets on saturdays, and restaurants that can excite the pickiest taste buds.