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Being that the area is secluded the crime is low. One or two mishaps may happen but the response of officers is quick and reassuring.
It is a pleasant experience that must be revisited.
You can do absolutely anything you want in Charlotte and the surrounding areas!
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Depending on where you are in Charlotte the police either take forever to get here, or get here in 2 minutes.
Our public services are amazing. Our police officers and firefighters try their hardest to protect our city!
The entire state of North Carolina has such bipolar weather. It will be super cold one day and then blazing hot the next. Rain isn't terrible, but can be aggravating.
I absolutely love my city when it comes to nightlife! We have the absolute best clubs, and bars. There is honestly something for everyone here!
The jobs that I have had have been perfect for people in the range of my age, 16-18, but other than that you either have to go into a major career or get a junk job at a fast-food place.
It varies on what type of store you want to go into. We have an okay combination of random off-the-wall stores in this area, but some of them are honestly pointless because they don't have practical things inside of them.
There aren't a lo of bad storms if any. Just occasional heavy rain and rare snow.
Plenty of places in the area where you can get drinks and good food, plenty of different bars, Wet Willeys is a good hang out spot frozen alcoholic drinks, and nightlife with live music from a band. Over all variety is awesome, a little something for everybody
Some people still unemployed, more permanent jobs are needed in area, not just temp and contract
Businesses are great in this area
Most areas are nice, just as in any other area some areas have vacancies, and some areas have abandoned properties. Cost of housing varies
Overall the area is good to raise your family, there is plenty to do and enjoy