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There is a wide variety of culture and class in Westchase, making it an interesting place to live. It is relatively quiet and safe but also has it's fair share of petty crimes, mainly low-level drug trafficking and theft.
Westchase, which is a district of Houston, has much variety, diversity and opportunities. We have several grocery stores within 2 blocks and much more.
The Westchase District is a fantastic neighborhood if you like culture and food. It is also known as the International District and has access to several libraries, parks, and green spaces.
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Westchase is a safe neighborhood with great food and opportunities. It is very family friendly and fun area to live in. The dog parks and parks are amazing.
The Westchase District is a great area for any family type. Beautiful parks around the area, plenty of shipping from Memorial City mall to Town and Country Village. There is also a fun, upscale night life in CityCentre. Come for a visit! You won't regret it!
Easy access to all the necessary things in life! Easy to navigate. Friendly neighborhoods, great schools. Lots of restaurants and bars.
I enjoy the convenience of having a Kroger's grocery store within walking distance. A lot of fine restaurants and retail stores are less than 5 minutes away. I feel safe when walking my dog anytime of the day.
Westchase District is a good and security safe neighborhood to live in. I would recommend the WestChase District to any one who is of a single family, small family who are looking to live in an area where it is safe and convenient to schools, grocery stores and most importantly highways such as Hwy 59 and Beltway 8.
Westchase District is a fairly safe area and the neighbors are very friendly and helpful. I like the wide variety of shopping options from groceries, home improvement and clothing. The only thing that should be improved are certain roads that are hard to drive through than others, but those roads are now under construction. Overall great neighborhood
Their is no crime rate, because it is a safe establishment.
It has a great atmosphere, and i felt welcomed when i moved in. It is quiet and homely, and i haven't had a problem since i moved in. I would definently recommend this place to people in houston.
Everything that you need you are able to obtain or buy in this area.
It's not very loud, people stay to themselves. Only bad things is the stray cats that walk around everyday.
It's a really good area to live. New stores are being put along with new residences. The only major issue is that we are a major focal point for traffic.
I love the convenience of this location, everything I need is within walking or minor driving distance. My only complaint is that my school is downtown, and commuting is difficult without a car and sometimes feels unsafe for the distance and questionable people that are commonly walking around downtown.
There are many restaurants that are all great and have good prices. My favorite place at the moment is Salata. Their salads are amazing, come in good portions, and at a lower than expected price.
There are many shops in the area but not as many job opportunities as you would think. Many places run out of job openings quickly or fail to update that they are no longer hiring.
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All of the stores around my area are very friendly and have great customer service. Even packed stores like HEB or Starbucks always have good services during rush hours.
Driving in Houston scares me. People drive fast, almost always above the limit. People hardly ever use their blinkers. There are tons of potholes, but luckily the city is starting to repair them. Traffic is bad but only really during rush hours. People drive very defensively.
There are many gyms in the area. Many yoga studios. Many parks.