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Westbury has been my home for over 8 years now and has welcomed our family with open arms. There are many things that this community has been able to allow my family experience such as using Anderson Park and the Westbury Community Garden. Westbury can improve by ensuring the safety of its residents.
It is a nice quiet neighborhood with big trees and "not-so- cookie- cutting" houses. It is close to town yet gives a sub--burbs feel.
In my neighborhood you don't really hear about horrific crimes but when you do the police are bad about responding.
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I been living here since I was a baby. I love my home for what it is. There is definitely the bad things to pick from but the goods overcome it.
There hasn't been an incident that doesn't get resolved immediately.
The police drive around the neighborhood to make sure everything is okay. I haven't heard of any crime for 7 years.
This neighborhood is very peaceful and safe to live in. The neighbors are friendly yet private. It's a great place to live.
It's the most safe area one can hope to find
It's the best area i could have hoped to live in
The neighborhood is relatively quiet which is nice and there are a few community organized events such as the willow water hole jazz day however there are very few restaurants or stores of acceptable quality nearby.
Housing isn't that bad here
My favorite food is burritos from a taqueria
In mid-winter, it can be up to 70 degrees
In my area, looking for a job is okay because there are jobs out there its just that people need to go deep into the area. It is easier to find a job before the summer because people tend to request days off for vacation.
The grocery store, Fiesta has great service. The people are nice and are very helpful. All the items are neat and organized and placed in their indicated locations. The necessities that my family needs can all be found at this Fiesta location.