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I love being from Houston and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Traffic is the main problem and crime in my area is also a problem. However, I never get bored of my city and I enjoy the view of our downtown skyline every day.
People are kept up to date. They have plenty of time to move or get the materials that are needed. Even though there is not much that happens just the usual rain.
The house are built well. There is plenty of space from house to house.
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Once in a while crime happens but it is never anything to serious. It usually something that can be fixed right away.
The is a gym that is located five minutes or less near the community. People also have the option to exercise around the area in the fresh air.
Its quite and relaxed. You can find things to do but as well have plenty of space for down time.
There is a mall near by. Different stores located along the way easily accessed.
People who drive cars respect the speed limit. They are aware of the safety of others and themselves.
Not a lot of pets are seen in the street, they are mostly kept indoors or in the backyards of their houses.
There are small businesses as well as big companies nearby to find employment. There are several options to look from.
They are seem sometimes keeping an eye on things but not often because there isn't bad things that happen for them to come out and investigate.
Lots of people live here who have different beliefs and ideas. People may not agree but they respect each others space.
There are different things to taste from. Different styles of foods and drinks based on cultures.
You have to look around for activities. It may not be Florida but there is still things to do and places to see.