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The police are very responsive in this area and always take care of any situation that is needed to be dealt with.
I love the area I grew up in because it's very safe for children and crime isn't a big thing to worry about all the time.
I have seen no arrests here
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Quiet neighborhood where everyone is friendly
Theres rarely big local crime on the news
I really like Boise ID, its welcoming and nice and I love how sweet the people are. However, sometimes the social climate of Boise worries me; I am white, cis so I don't have to deal with racism, and attacks on me because of my sexuality, I do not think its nearly as safe for people like this, because of the sheer amount of strong republican 'Christians' without Love.
There's hardly any crime in my area. At times if any, it may be people trying to break into cars, but they haven't moved closer into my area, just surrounding areas; and the times that there is crime, it is usually small crimes.
Even though the subdivision that I live in have in the past been more elderly and retired people, lately in the last few years more and more people are moving in with kids, so the area doesn't feel as old as before.
I have never really had an encounter where police were needed, but I definitely see them out and about all the time. One thing to note as well is: they are always cracking down on drunk drivers.
I've lived in Texas, Florida, Nevada, and California, and now Boise, and I can hands down say this is my favorite place out of all of the places I've lived. The city is just the right blend of big city and small town. I feel like, for the most part, people are friendlier, and there is always something to do! For outdoorsy people, Boise is perfect, we have many hiking trails, rivers, and lakes to go explore.
The police respond fast, their some cops who live close by.
The best place to raise kids and have a family.
It is a great place to raise a family
Its awesome living in this area. The atmosphere is spectacular and there are so many outside activities to do here which sometimes isn't always an option in other places.
I would definitely choose to raise my children here in the future, because the crime rate is fairly low and the people of Boise Idaho are friendly
Housing is great. It is a little expensive in some areas and hard to find a decent place for a college student to afford.
I don't feel threatened at all living in Boise. I ride my bike home from work every night at 1 am and I feel no fear of being harmed.
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We have great wildlife and national parks but sometimes they will take a park and make it nicer for walkers and joggers and just upgrade it then they ban dogs and bicyclists when those are the highest traffickers of the park.
The natural disasters in Idaho are very minimal, we have great wildfire fighters so any drought and dryness is taken care of.
We have a pretty good night life here.