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Sometimes i feel like i am at risk being a young college student, i feel that there needs to be more police presence to divert people from committing crimes.
I love living here but i have a very hard time with the weather. I would definitely live here again, but i would rather be somewhere colder.
Great people and atmosphere about the University
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I love the downtown area, its absolutely amazing. I work as a bartender and downtown really has taken off in the last few years.
The weather is good if you like the heat. Everyone is friendly and you may get to know your neighbors.
Some of the houses near campus look like they should be torn down
Depends on where you are in the city. People are more health cautious downtown and in the foothills
Definitely a need for security outside of campus
Usually sunny, but when it rains expect floods!
Restaurants and options are plentiful
Many students need jobs, so kind of difficult to find around campus
Lots to offer around campus
No place is abandoned here. The colors of the houses are a little pale in some places, but other places are not so bad.
Mostly students from the University of Arizona live in this area. Some families do too. The apartments made for students have a strong sense of community, but people living in homes only have a basic relationship with their neighbors.
around the UofA there is not a lot of crime
there are public services conviently
usually sunny with some major rainstorms
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For my age most places are fast food for employment
overall fairly decent near me
I live near various local shops and their customer service is great.