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Housing cost in West Campus is ridiculously overpriced, however they know they'll still get tenants because of the convenience of the location to the UT campus. I myself got suckered into paying ~$1000 for an apartment probably worth half that. However I only continue to do so because of the location, otherwise it is not worth that much. This is where most UT students live, so there's a lot of life late at night, college kids walking around, parties, etc. It can get pretty noisy sometimes, and isn't aesthetically pleasing. But we're all here just for school.
There has been several reports of assaults around this area which makes it scary, especially at night. However, I've noticed that police respond very quickly and they usually find the suspects within a few hours which is a relief. I would want more lighting to be put in place for people who walk at night.
I really like the atmosphere here because there are students everywhere so it feels comfortable. This will be my second year living in this area and I really like it. I would not live here for the rest of my life but as long as I am going to school I will probably stay here.
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Since I live on West Campus, there is not a lot of crime seen in this area. However, there have been cases of crime around the whole UT campus area which is very alarming. The prevalence is not very big but as anywhere else, it has happened. I have seen police officers throughout this area multiple times which makes me feel a lot safer. It is very wise, though, to not walk alone at night and to always be aware of your surroundings because there are sections where there are no street lights. Also, I have seen a lot of homeless individuals sleeping or walking around and it can be concerning.
The area where I live is very cool because it is a student area. Wherever you go, you can see students walking around all the time. The walking distance from campus is also great! I would definitely choose to live here again if I had the chance. Austin is a very beautiful city with natural landmarks everywhere. I cannot compare it to another state in this country because I have not really traveled outside of Texas except to Florida and California. I can say, however, that it is definitely better than El Paso, TX. That is my hometown and Austin has a lot more to give in every aspect there is. I think that Austin will continue to expand and new businesses and job opportunities will continue to increase.
The overall experience of this area is that it is very crowded and traffic becomes very hectic.
Urban, great for college students, great nightlife, though high costs in general
I would live here again, theres different things to do everyday and i can enjoy myself fully here.
it's okay. I like the attempts to reduce energy and waste
I absolutely love living by campus as a student,
Austin has one of the best school districts in the nation, along with the best university in the nation.
It is top notch, beautiful lake and hill trails, nice gyms
Austin is growing and there just isn't enough land for more people. It is getting packed pretty tight
I live by a bunch of college kids so it can get pretty rough. There are also a lot of homeless people in Austin.
It can be humid at times and it gets pretty hot in the Texas Heat! But occasional rain keeps the skies and greenery pretty! The lake is a plus but the heat and drought is soaking up all the water.
Six street, Maiko, Gourdoughs, Mellow Mushroom, Hopdoddy
It is a very commercial area with many things to do, It is the capital of Texas and has many opportunities
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Whole Foods Market, HEB Central Market, HEB
West campus in Austin is very close to one another!
Austin is known for their food and drink options and you have so many places to choose from! You could get a burger for a dollar or fine dine downtown by burning a whole in your pocket. We also have what we like to call, Dirty 6th, where you can drink like a fish! There are so many places that offer happy hour as well that you can always find. You would have have to actually try to not find these food and drink possibilities in Austin because they are everywhere!
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