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We have really enjoyed living in West Town. It's an up-and-coming neighborhood with easy access to public transit, freeways and nearby shops, grocery store and hospitals.
It's just another gentrified neighborhood in Chicago. It's nice and ugly at the same time. Nothing is open past midnight if you want to walk. There are no grocery stores within walking distance except CVS and that is not a grocery store,
I've lived in West Town for my whole life. I think it's a real big up and coming neighborhood. From what I've see change over the years, it's a lot safer and family friendly compared to how it use to be. The school system has gotten so much better as well and it's relatively inexpensive. The only downfall is that there are a lot of main streets in the neighborhood so commute times can be unpredictable.
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It's very diverse with lots of cafes and plenty of things to do. It is great for active people. There are plenty of gyms and eckhart park is such a great park with an indoor pool. The nightlife is nice with plenty of restaurants of all kinds. Part of the neighborhood is traditionally italian so you can find cool bakeries and delis, but here's plenty of Asian, Latino and American cuisines. There is a festival seemingly every weekend in the summer. Wicker Park is just west, River North is to the east and Greek town is to the south. The express way runs northeast adjacent to the blue line so that the neighborhood is connected to rest of the city. Despite all this there are still peaceful neighborhoods where it is possible to find parking and the area is affordable. It really is a great place to live.
West Town, stretching west from the Milwaukee Blue Line stop along Chicago Avenue, offers a palatable blend of historic and modern buildings, fun and friendly entertainment for all types, and excellent food at all hours of the day. Fantastic food can be found at longstanding venues such as El Taco Veloz and Cafe Central, LUSH, as well as at newer establishments like Butterfly Sushi, Five Star Grill, and Yuzu Robata Grill. Boutiques and galleries from the quaint to the outrageous pepper the spaces between restaurants and apartment dwellings. This up and coming area feels safe at all hours, even allowing a person to run after dark along the well-lit sidewalks.
Other than a few, what I guess you could say usual, occurrences it is a very safe area. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and you aren't being careless there is no need to feel unsafe. I often see police making the area feel more secure and I have never felt scared making my way home.
I love the area in which I live. The people are very friendly, and neighborly and the atmosphere is very relaxed for a city setting. Its very accessible and very easy to go from one place to another. Though I do love the area and would choose to live here again I do feel as though the original feeling from when moving in is becoming different due to the incoming of new typical families and isn't as "exciting" but it still is a great place for me to live either way.
There's not a lot of crime other than some roberries
The area is clean and close to public transportation
This region offers many diverse options for residents including restaurants, bars, fitness facilities and public transportation to other locations. The dining options within on the fringe of the region are among the best in the city. Among the issues in the region would be snow removal from the side streets. During the winter, many streets have been inaccessible for multiple days after any type of significant snowfall. Also, the closest police station has closed.
The weather in my area of Chicago can be beautiful one day and completely different the next. Our weather is so unpredictable!
There are many options near where I live. I see sushi restaurants, burgers, Chicago pizza, wings, Puerto Rican food, Mexican food, and Chinese food.
I'm speaking from experience. I had a parent who was searching for a job, and it took a lot of time for her to find one. Even then, she was not satisfied.
I am usually able to get everything I need in this area when it comes to stores. The restaurants and bars near my home are very popular, and it is very common to see tons of people down Chicago Ave looking for a place to eat out.
Crimes do occur but generally in other neighborhoods.
People in this region are generally active.
The weather is manageable after the snow melts.
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Pie-eyed pizza is the best. Cleo's is a comfortable setting.
I work in the suburbs so my opinion is not firmly shaped.
There is a large chain grocery store in the area, and several small locally owned shops as well. Plenty of restaurants and bars. Some clothing stores but it's not a big shopping area.