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We do not have much crime in Torrance. The police is also very helpful and try their best and help with whatever they can do.
The area is very relaxing and I feel comfortable walking anywhere I go! People are very friendly and welcoming.
Torrance's police department is versatile and very responsive to it's community. Although crime rates are fairly low for Torrance, TPD never lets their guard down by patrolling the roads, tending to those in need of assistance, and maintaining mutual respect between themselves, and the community.
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Because Torrance, in my opinion, is one of the safest, most stable areas to live in Southern California, I feel that I must venture off to other areas in order to fully appreciate Torrance's appealing qualities. In order for me to continue morally developing, it is in my best interest to live in an area whose quality of life is poorer than that of Torrance's. Torrance, to me, is an area that is deserving for those who have accomplished their goals in their life. It is a place where they can settle down, relax, and feel confident about the stability of the city. Torrance is essentially one of the best places to live in. Although Torrance is the ideal city for many to live in, I'd rather "earn" the privilege to live here rather than have it handed to me.
Not many crimes happen in Torrance. They are far and few, the last time I remember ever hearing of a crime was a few years ago. I don't need to see the police to feel safe here.
I walk my dog every other day and it's a blast because both of us have fun. The same old scene of my neighbors and their houses is pleasant for the eyes, and my dog just loves sniffing the scents of all the vegetation and people around.
The ocean is the only wild area close by. It is pretty built up, even the large parks are not wild. Real wildlife/national parks are quite far away.
Perfect! Sunny and warm every day. It is the best climate in the world. Unfortunate about the drought and earthquakes, but you can't have everything.
Don't really know, I can't afford to go out much
Not a lot of billion dollar jobs, & cost of living is high
Not very walkable, but can walk places if you put some effort into it. Businesses adequate to good, nothing that is amazing, but no complaints
The outdoors is very beautiful especially on the summer.
The public service constantly runs throughout the day
The police are always constantly checking things for safety.
The weather here is great especially during the summer .
There are a lot job openings due to the new business.
There is a variety of restaurants. I love the italian restaurants near the beach areas.
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There are many stores that offer great services
there are a few gyms in the area, its great because you get to choose which ones is best for you
every company requires online applications and further schooling