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I've been living here for a few months now and haven't heard of any crime or crime related issue. Plus the area is very quite, residential and secured, so I don't have anything to worry about.
I love Charlotte, I love the atmosphere, everything about it is different, calm and residential. It's so different from NJ which is very active and noisy. Although I miss living in Jersey (I used to live by the beach), Charlotte quite charmed me since I came here for the only purpose of vacation. Now I'm here, having the best time of my life at the Hamptons Apartments.
The crime is pretty low in the city. Crime actually much that much of a problem. I think people would know what I mean because I don't look for problems.
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The locations is pretty good. I don't see much issues. I have a issue with some people at time because they act really stupid but that is about it.
I probably won't live here again because it's too country for me. I prefer cities but this area isn't bad for a suburban area.
Great entertainment places. Great place to raise kids.
no serious health problems of note
Southern State so the weather is a bit bipolar at times.
I like the variety of places to choose from
as i stated previously, stressful
the only complaint I have is that working for some places in my area is a very stressful position to be in.
From what I can tell, there are tons of places to be outside if you want to. Most you need to drive to but other than that they are pretty accessible.
If you are a college student looking for housing it is very difficult to find a place that will suit your budget and need for space. Unless you have a lot of money, don't think about owning a home in this area.
It's Charlotte. The further out you go the better but I can say that crime is the reason I have had to narrow down my options of places I can look for living.
I have lived in the south my entire life and I would say that this area is just like the rest of it. Frequent severe storms but hardly ever any tornadoes or hurricanes.
There are tons of places everywhere. Since this is a college town, you can find all of these within 2 blocks of each other. A lot of them you can even walk to!
Since I am in college and only need a part time job, I am very limited to what I can work and where. There are not a lot of opportunities for me around here, or at least not that I can see.
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The amount of stores (retail and otherwise) is huge in Charlotte. Anything and everything you could want is available within 20 miles of you (at least within the city).
Wish there were more mom and pop stores