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West side is a little suburban oasis within an urban environment. Walking distance to five universities/colleges, and only a couple of miles to 5 more. All within an easy hour commute of Boston. There is Bus service both locally and to Boston and the great beyond, 3 different commuting routes to drive to Boston, and Worcester is easily the most affordable place to live and still have access to the best of Massachusetts culture and employment. West Side keeps the feeling suburban, safe and family friendly, while being urban enough to take advantage of city life as well.
It's alright, not the best, but alright.
It's pretty good, not the best, but pretty good.
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since i think that this area is quite, this is very safe... I have never hear about an unsafely issue since I live here.
I like this neighborhood, it's quite, clean , and with a nice view .
Good mix of cool, older houses and new houses. Neighborhoods are split by single family and multi-family.
People who live here are great - very friendly. Lots of community outdoor space. Great events and festivals throughout the year. Good mix of people that have lived here a long time and people who move in new (due to all the colleges here).
Overall, Worcester is very safe for a city its size. There is a problem with some gang activity but it is very localized and doesn't spill over into the community. I feel safe pretty much everywhere.
Great city to live in. Has all the big city stuff but with a small town feel. Easy to get around. Great neighborhoods.
not really alot of crime on this side of worcester
I love where i live its not over crowded and really no crime
Worcester is the second largest city in New England and there are many resources. However, it is sometimes difficult to find out how to access them. The schools in Worcester need improvement and this keeps the prices of housing low compared to the quality of the housing stock. Worcester also suffers from urban problems such as crime. The police and local city administration are good. Our Congressional representatives are excellent. The city is becoming known as a college town and this should help. Collaborative efforts between the city and colleges also help, such as WPI's funding and administration of a Math/Science high school. However, there needs to be more.
There are four distinct seasons in New England. The Summers and Falls are what is to be expected, somewhat cooler, but there are the occasional hotter days. Winter can be harsh, there is typically a lot of snow, and cold days. In the Summer, the days are hot and humid.
The police and other first responders always seem to arrive within minutes and are able to do their jobs well. Crime is an issue, but not an overwhelming one in my community.
chances of employment is very low
This community is safe and a family friendly one. However, there is no community events or anything that makes it feel like a community. Majority of the people do not talk to anyone that is not in their streets, at times the homeowners in your street tend to be strangers. I would rate this as it's okay simply because it is a safe community, one feels safe, and there are plenty of businesses such as coffee shops that make one feel more belonging.
The quality of transportation does not exist, this area is a majority car user. There are few sidewalks, especially when walking from Tatnuck Square to Worcester State University. It is unfortunate that pedestrians cannot walk freely as they should because of the lack of sidewalks. Some sidewalks have grass grown which make it seem as if the owners of the house do not want pedestrians to walk on their property. Traffic concerns are obvious since this area is near a University and an airport, therefore it doesn't make it a huge problem. However parking is terrible particularly near Worcester State University.
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The public services in this area, the fire station particularly is very close from my home, tend to be very quick. They respond efficiently.
Tatnuck Square is a great area to reside in. There are different areas where one can choose, depending on the price you are willing to spend. There is no vacant properties that I know of, however it is a good area to live in with families.
This area is relatively safe and even though it is near streets and businesses, there is barely any crime. You feel safe walking around even at night.