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The area is somewhat safety but not to the point where is needs to be.
I would choose to live here again with better atmosphere.
Crime in this area is bad. There are a lot of drugs, people carrying illegal weapons, and it's scary that you can get caught in the middle of a situation without knowing anything about it.
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There is a lot of crime in the area. There are multiple bar restaurants that cause many problems with bad situations. Scary to walk in the night.
The area needs to be updated in reference to infrastructure and the police need to put more time into the community. They need to make their presence known.
It can be a lot better.
The crime is not that bad however there is crime. We need more police staff and support however the budget does not support the need.
The state government need to invest more in the education system as well as the infrastructure.
It has gotten worse in some areas over the years, but it has gotten much better in other areas, bringing in new people to Stamford. I think I would choose to live here again, maybe not in the same neighborhood though.
The crime and pollution really needs to leave.
I believe Stamford is a great place to live in. Stamford has many businesses open, creating many jobs for the public. Stamford also has many opportunities for the public to learn. I know that people who don't speak english well, can take English classes at a Polish school.
I have been looking for a job since ,i have been in school it has been really hard to find a job.
I really love going to the super walmart because back home in stamford connecticut ,we do not have one.