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great diverse area lots of job opportunities in surrounding areas. schools are less than average. Neighbors pretty much keep to themselves in my area. I notice dogs and cats get lost a lot lol but are found. there are a few parks but small. I like there is a local Boys and Girls club and community center for the youth to join and lots of resources for people in need of food, education, housing, etc. It is especially great for people who speak English as a second language or none at all. You can learn English anywhere around here and its common so you dont feel uncomfortable.
There aren't many crime around this area. However since there are more population, crime could occurs once a while. Most of the time it have to do with shooting, and result in death.
St.paul is a huge city so population is big. People came from all over the world mostly from refugee in southeast Asia. There are a lot of business but there are also many people who have to compete.
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Violence and Crime are a problem.
I feel safe and secure. Stuff close by, but quiet street.
Fantastic! The diversity is amazing, people are friendly what more could you ask for!
Being born and raised in the Midwest- Twin Cities, has instilled in me wholesome and family values. I have learned to be kind to each individual, patient, understanding and soft spoken. The sense of community and solidarity is strong and pure. I breathe in cool, clean, crisp summer air and wave to my neighbors. I admire the exploding greenery while strolling along the abundant lakes and trails, always finding good company, or enjoying my own alone. The trees are big, beautiful and the kids laughter is not stifled by sirens and traffic noise.

But the weather. I can't handle the harsh winter- reason enough to travel to south Florida. There is no ocean here. I struggle with 68 degree summer nights, and my heart longs for the tropics and open spaces of the Atlantic Coast.

Having grown now, the quiet, wholesome vibe that is the Midwest has bored me. I crave adventure, live energy, and a little bit of danger, adrenaline to keep it interesting. I crave dank citrus fruits and diverse international culture.

I returned home relatively unwillingly- out of necessity and desperation. I will take my time before rushing out again. There is a game I have been playing with my home and my travels. Leaving on a whim has failed me twice, and each time the Twin Cities, my family and friends have been here to catch me. Arrangements must be made and work put in before setting out from my home on the sturdy foundation I am beginning to build.
All the houses around look well maintained and clean for the most part.
There's always a lot to do outside. There are many recreation centers around that host many events and activities and the parks have great scenery.
I haven't really witnessed any crimes in the area or have had any true concerns for my safety, so overall it's pretty safe.
The weather for the most part is alright. summer, fall and spring are average while winter is usually brutal. The winters are long, extremely cold, and accompanied by a lot of snow.
The area is so culturally diverse, there are many different restaurants that serve a variety of different kinds of food from Mexican to Italian.
There are a lot of businesses around that are almost always hiring, it would be very easy for my to find places to apply at an the wages are slightly above average.
The local businesses around my neighborhood are great! They have everything that I could need and as for the restaurants there is a cultural diversity in the food which i awesome.
The police do a good job.