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The crime in this area has decreased over the years, but there still is crime. However, the prevalence of crimes and visibility of police is close to none. I see police but when they are needed it takes them hours to come to the scene of the crime. I am concerned when it comes to the police helping prevent crimes or helping the community, its as if they don't want to.
Living in this area isn't as bad as society makes it to be, because of where I live it has a bad reputation for crime, people feel unsafe and paranoid when driving through here. However, this place is welcoming and no one bothers the next person for fun. I wouldn't choose to live here again, only because I've lived here my whole life and I want a different scenery to look at. Comparing where I live to other places, it's pretty okay, nothing different, except we have more abandoned buildings than other areas. But, we have more stores for people to shop at and programs for students to attend and be apart of. In the future, I predict this area will be one hundred times better than when I was growing up due to more opportunities slowly opening up around us.
The experience was good. I learned how to be street smart and was always aware for my safety. Transportation was always available which was good. There was always something to do which made people never bored.
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During the summer, the crime rate increases.
I wish there weren't a lot of abandoned houses.
Crime in my area is bad. I rarely ever walk around in my neighborhood and never walk alone at night. Drug wars happen frequently between the local gangs. The police are sometimes visible but somehow respond slowly usually during an incident.
Police reaction time when called, is not the best.
There are no gyms in this area, there is one recreation center that is shared between Newark and Irvington which has a swimming pool, a tennis court and a basketball court outside and study rooms on the inside but other than that people in this area have nowhere to go to exercise or stay physically active unless they go to a neighboring city. I dance at my school therefore, my need to be physical is not met in my city but, outside the city.
In the past we have had quite a few hurricanes which left us without power or hot water for a few days, in addition to some heavy flooding around the area. We also have a lot of severe snowstorms and blizzards. This year especially, we had blizzard after blizzard and there was no time to recover.
In my area, there is basically no places to go to eat unless you want Dunkin Donuts. As for drinks or a nice dinner, there are no places that have that option near me unless you want to go to a nearby city such as Irvington or South Orange.
If you were interested in being a doctor, you could find a job at the nearby hospital, but other than that there are little to no actual good jobs. There seems to be in my area a cashier at Pathmark or a cashier at a fast food place, other than that even the local teachers are losing their jobs because of the numerous budget cuts to the school system that the Newark schools are suffering from.
There are little to no popular stores in my area. There are many corner grocery stores and hair salons but that is the extent of it. If one was on foot, you'd need to go to the next town or take two buses across town to find the things you need. Across town there is a Pathmark and a few other decently known food places but other than that there is not much. You can't really get everything you need in this area.
The parks are not repaired once the equipments are broken.
Where I live is next to the edge of the road so we mostly never get weather problems.
Most of the house do not have better air-conditioning units.
Most of the street people are unemployed to the fact that they are always unemployed in this neighborhood.
Some of the local business in this area is not that bad.
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The food and drink in this area is somehow good for toursits.
Most Police officers do not guard the streets but roam from place to place to find other situations.
The block its good itself