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Each neighborhood is different than the next.
I enjoy the urban environment I live in.
The atmosphere is getting better. The neighborhood is surrounded my many schools and a few colleges so the businesses opening in the are are attempting to appeal to the students. I like where the neighborhood is going.
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I think housing is great in my area. As I mentioned before my area has been marked as historic which has drawn a lot of Realtors and new faces, however let's be clear. You can walk just down my block and watch the dynamics of the area change (which isn't considered historic). It's almost like going into an entire different city, you go from what looks to be a middle class area to what is then very low income. The best area would have to be the downtown district which has turned into a mini NY. Often people who can't afford NY high prices move here or deeper into the city. The worst area in the city is the Greenville section! This area is filled with low income, drugs, alcohol, proverty and crime.
I believe people intend to live in my area for a very long time. A lot of residents I believe are lung to own than to rent. My area is very pet/family friendly ,however there needs to be events which bring neighbors and communities together. We need more block parties, fairs, and parades!
Have no issue with crime in my area, occasion break in every few years.
Nice family setting near NYC, nice suburban area to have family eat out.
Crime in Jersey City isn't as bad as it seems, every now and then something will happen but that is expected in any city.
Jersey City is a very convenient city to live in especially being just a train ride away from NYC. Some even say it's the 6th Borough. It has it's ups and downs. Schools are fairly decent, food is great, and it's a very diverse city.
Everything is safe, ive never witnessed anything horrid.
I love it here, neighbors are friendly and helpful. Never have to worry about anything.
The overall experience of this area is okay because sometimes it is good and no so bad. I would choose to live here again though because I have known this area as my first home for most of its perks, like knowing people and places around in close proximity. In the future for this area, a couple of areas are starting to improve for appearance and attraction for more people to visit and see new beauty in this area.
There is a persistent separation between the lower and upper class. Most of the time it seems like the upper class areas in the city are being more focused on and developed.
This area is not a main street as opposed to the other blocks around. You don't see a lot going on around there. There is a busy street so children playing outside must be careful.
i live in a urban area so mostly everything is knocked down, but the parks that have been preserved are great places to hang out.
in my area we all know each other and are friends. that cant be said for all area. people who have live on my block have lived there for 10 to 12 years
in this area i would just say don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time.bad things happen and if you dont mind your own business then you are liable to get into trouble.
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the weather is pretty normal it follows the seasons and there is nothing out of the ordinary
its dangerous to be out at night.
finding employment is as hard as getting a scholarship there has been little to no luck for me.