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In Buffalo's West side there alot of diversity of the people living here but there not much government interactions. I think the government should pot roads and talk to the peoople that live there about their concerns.
I often see police in the area, however I am aware of attempted day-time break-ins and theft from cars on the street, as it has happened to friends/my roommates.
Elmwood Avenue has improved immensely during my time living in this area. Local shops, restaurants , and cafes are beginning to occupy Elmwood Ave near Bryant, which has been an area in need of clean up. Canalside downtown is beautiful and has so much to offer in all months thoughout the year as well and is only minutes away.
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Elwood village has been a great place to grow up. There was always something to do. Everything is in walking distance. The one thing Elmwood lacks is diversity, but it is close enough to grant street that it's not as noticeable.
Near Elmwood Ave. the houses are beautiful but expensive. Several blocks over the housing is cheap but the quality of the houses is not as nice and the neighborhoods can be dangerous. Overall, the city has cheaper houses than other urban cities.
The city overall has a good sense of community but some neighborhoods do not at all.
There have been stabbings, shootings, and people have been robbed in this area. I do not feel safe sometimes.
There is a lot of poverty in this city and there is not much to do besides eating at different restaurants. There are not many great job opportunities in the area as well.
I personally have never had anything bad happen to me but I have heard stories about people being robbed at either knife or gun point.
The area is really picking up, but it is slower going due to some dilapidated rental units. However, it is close to some of the best parts of the city. Better public transportation would help this area grow even faster.
Some areas are alright, some seem to be getting worse.
The overall area is pleasant and well looked at.
Not a very safe place to live.
Can't find a job anywhere.
the food isn't great but it's okay.
I don't go out much so I really cant'say anything about the local businesses. But the ones tue been to are really great.
There is a lot of great businesses from small corner stores to a few bigger retail chains
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there is job opportunties but not many. It depends on what you want to do
pretty safe a lot of police presence. but there is crime
I do my best to support the local businesses in the area. Specifically, cafes and restaurants. In fact, I currently serve at a locally owned restaurant that's been open for 20 years in Amherst called the Grapevine Restaurant.