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In the past, the West Seventh neighborhood has been quite dangerous due to the fact that there has been many crimes committed around the neighborhood. You would hear a lot of police sirens quite often as you were sleeping or you would see police cars just roaming around. It's gotten a lot better recently, but I would like to feel safe walking around. I feel somewhat safe walking around in the daytime, but not so safe at night.
Theres some theft and breakins during the summer months, cars are frequently broken into and rummaged through
The neighborhood is good, lots of community activities and events. Good local restaurants
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Over all, I feel safe in my neighborhood as there is not a lot of crime. When there is crime, the police and the community respond well.
Saint Paul, my home town, is probably the place where I feel most comfortable. I love the warmth of my neighborhood. The grassy boulevards, same cafes and friendly people. The closeness to the downtown Saint Paul area also makes my neighborhood accessible and popular.
It's a great neighborhood, and I am happy I was able to live there.
The area is really nice. But, it's still apartment living, so the noise above you and next to you will always be there. Saint Paul is a fun place to be, and being next to the river is very pretty. Jogging by the river is very scenic.
Older houses, but quality, and low rent
I feel most people find what they are looking for.
I haven't been affected, but I do hear about it.
Going out and trying a new place. Great food.
all neighbors seems to go to work in the morning
This area is mostly for living, not a busy place
Winters are the worst. Now lasting 6 months. Lots of snow, and below zero temps. Need boots, warm socks, warm jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

Summer has tornados and has had some bad thunderstorm damage in the past 2 years.

Some flooding in southern areas.
I touched on this already, but Eat Street is about a two mile strip of interesting restaurants. I am also close to Uptown where there are lots of option - about a mile or two from my place. And very near Downtown as well.
I live near an area called Eat Street. Lots of ethnic and reasonably priced restaurants. There's a CVS 2 blocks away, 4 coffee shops, a Target about a mile way.
I live an a very urban area and there is a strong police presence. You hear sirens, and I know there is crime that happens, probably mostly drug related. I haven't looked up a crime report in my area for a while. It is heavy populated, well lit and lots of dogs to sound off if things go awry.