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very safe very good theres boba everywhere and its pretty poc friendly. everyone is asian and well its sillicon valley so housing is pricy but worth i guess
West San Jose is a nice neighborhood with diversity and people with different background everyone could learn from. Public school is very nice especially Oak Grove High School with good teachers and a lot of opportunities from the school program for the youth to make friends and meet new peoples. The food and local cuisine are one of the best places to visit, especially Taco place by Marina Market on Monterey street. The people around West San Jose mostly nice people, while the other hand has a lot of impatience people. If there's a crisis people will help each other out.
I love west San Jose, CA. I was born and raise here and I just love my community. They're many business' all around hence its easy to find a job in the area. As well everything is all around us so its easy to go grocery shopping, mall, school, college, parks etc. I believe that West San Jose is a safe area one could go running at night with no worries or one could go to parties. San Jose is a community very upbeat and united as well very involved. Our city is kept clean but the affordability is kinda hard to maintain. A small apartment starts off at 2000, its a lot considering our minimum wage isn't a lot, but besides that San Jose is a great area and I love it.
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The weather is very nice, the schools are very competitive, and the real estate prices are growing rapidly (for the better or worse). There has been very little criminal activity here until recently and I feel safe to walk out to nearby shopping plazas in the night.
West San Jose is an extremely safe neighborhood. With all the resources you would need nearby, you hardly every need to leave the place.
There have been very little crimes around this area. I have lived here for 4 years and have only heard of one crime. Police are active on the main streets and therefore easily accessible.
Although my actual street is mainly apartments, the neighboring streets are rather safe. Schools are also within close range.
Recently, there have been small strings of robberies.
Generally a great area; safe, quiet, and there are a multitude of amazing schools nearby.
You do see a lot of police but at the same time hear about a lot of crime. However still feels safe
Seen an increase of crime lately . Nice access to all kinds of stores but there is a lot of traffic
The police are very visible in the area and often stop cars if they see anyone driving above the speed limit, passing a red light, or ignoring traffic rules. The area is very safe and crime is not a serious issue in the neighborhood.
The area is well-developed, clean, and there are a diverse range of stores and restaurants to choose from. The city is constantly being renovated with new shopping centers and apartments and many tech companies such as Apple and Google are only a few minutes away.
The houses are really nice and all unique, but the prices are getting high.
If you want communal feeling, you must participate in the community. It's a give-take sort of thing. Everyone seems to look out for each other, but reaching out can really make a difference.
I loved growing up here. The neighborhood is pretty close-knit, and very welcoming and feels safe at all hours. There is a lowkey community watch group, which is nice. There are some break ins and thefts, but there hasn't been anything devastating that I'm aware of. It is getting more expensive and busy with traffic though.
Not much crime in this area.
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A lot better than city centers.
The houses are really nice, but some are in okay condition and should be remodeled.
The best time to see community gatherings is Halloween and Christmas time. They throw small neighborhood parties and the neighbors seem to have a great time.