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It is a pretty quiet area. I wish that there were more 24 hour food places avialable here. The people are nice. There needs to be more bus routes here.
a very close knit community. Whenever a family is in need the community comes together to make sure that family/individual is taken care of. It has been a great place to grow up.
The neighborhood is very safe and filled with friendly people. I never feel unsafe or in danger. Mostly elderly people, police, and firefighters live near me.
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I moved to this neighborhood about 2 years ago and I have liked its location in Boston. It has a city feeling considering it is right next to the action but it is also a quiet place.
I have lived in West Roxbury for all of the seventeen years that I have been alive. I would seriously not want to live anywhere else. I can truly say that I believe it is one of the best neighborhoods in Boston; West Roxbury is safe, clean, and family oriented. I easily got a job at a neighborhood restaurant, and love greeting the people I have grown up with my whole life. I do not think there is anything I would change because I love it so much. I know that after college I will move back to West Roxbury because I envision myself continuing my life there and also starting a family there. I love West Roxbury, so that is why it deserves even higher than a 5 on this survey.
I like West Roxbury the way it is. I have lived here for nearly a year and I have enjoyed myself. I hope to stay for a while longer!
I love living in West Roxbury! You get the convinence of living in the city with a small town feel. My neighbors are all really nice and I feel safe where I am. I live in a nice, quite neighborhood with several buses around that I can just hop on to go to the city.
It's not too crowded or too quiet, and everything you need is close by! It's a very clean town. Everybody there is so nice and it's close to Boston where there's lots to do
Nice town, quiet, easy access public transportation. There are two beautiful park: Millennium and Cutler, where you can enjoy biking or walking.
West Roxbury is a family orientated town they have public and private schools. The restaurants have their own take on how to cook food, bakeries know all the locals if it is your first time they will make an impression that will have you come back for more! Police and fire patrol the town and are very friendly with everyone.
Nice, calm and pretty safe area. Has many grocery stores and some restaurants along Centre St. Transportation options include buses and commuter rail (~30 min to Downtown, Boston).
Perfect location. Close to downtown city life but has a suburban feel. Close to the suburbs with easy access to lots of places.
While West Roxbury is a very safe and clean neighborhood it is very lacking in activities. Despite an abundance of banks and pizzerias there remains little to do in this neighborhood besides create checking accounts and eat Italian food.
West Roxbury is a great family friendly neighborhood that's still part of the city. There are lots of small businesses and shopping.
West Roxbury is a nice part of Boston to live if you have children. It's relatively quiet and there are several playgrounds, community centers and elementary schools. It offers nothing for "nightlife" except restaurants (including some pubs). It's on the edge of Boston so it'll take a bit to get to downtown Boston but it's more affordable because of that. Generally speaking I have enjoyed living in west Roxbury
There are good schools and churches. Its a family oriented neighborhood with many opportunities for children. Roxbury latin school and Catholic memorial are good schools except for Roxbury academy near Millenium park. Lots of entry level job opportunities.
I have lived In West Roxbury all my life. I love being in the City of Boston and being able to use public transportation if necessary. I like that I can walk to all the stores around me and that I feel safe in West Roxbury. I am fortunate to live on a small street which abuts the Commuter Rail and also to have a Boston Public Library not far. I also have a nice school behind my house which I think is important in a good neighborhood. West Roxbury also has a new YMCA and many family restaurants. It is definitely a family oriented part of Boston.
I would like to see more housing for young professionals and would also like to see more medical establishments in this great city. I would also like to see affordable housing for the elderly. I am interested in staying in West Roxbury living with my parents as I continue to go to school with high hopes of finishing cum laude or magna cum laude and becoming a Boston School Teacher in the Math Department.
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West Roxbury was a fantastic town to grow up in. It has all the perks of small town living but is technically within city limits. There are multiple bus routes that run along the main streets, and there is a commuter rail line that takes you into Downtown in less than 30 minutes. The elementary schools in West Roxbury are very good, but the middle and high schools are mediocre at best. As far as employment, there are many shops in the center of town, and tons are constantly looking for new employees. 4/5 stars.
Very nice neighborhood. One of the safest in boston. Generally older population. Lots of green space.
Everyone lives in single family homes, no vacant buildings seen