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The general atmosphere is great because you're surrounded by people of various races. But, the crime rate is impossible to escape, just because it's close to the city. In the future, I hope that the area does get better than it is now. Especially when it comes to the crime rate!
New Haven is dangerous area. There is a lot of crime and I am constantly worried about my safety. Unless I am driving into another town, I do not go anywhere on my own. The cops seemed to be reliable. However, with the amount of crime that there is, they can't always be right there when needed. I don't even live directly in the city and I'm always watching my back. I wish there was a way to feel safer in this area.
The weather here is not too bad. Depending on how the winter goes, it could be very rough or just mediocre. Since I have been here the winters have been pretty treacherous but they are manageable. However, once spring and summer comes around, it is beautiful here. It is a great time to head to the beaches that are within 20 minutes from New Haven. The weather only impacts my life negatively during the winter because classes and work gets canceled quite often due to snow storms.
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Besides the job market and local businesses. The nightlife is great. New Haven consists of a mix between three different universities (Yale, Southern Connecticut, and Quinnepiac). Therefore, there are a lot of great options of bars and clubs in downtown New Haven. However, not always the safest place to be.
The places that I have worked at, which have been through connections between friends, have not been bad. However, I have traveled outside of New Haven for all of my jobs thus far. I would not look for an employer in the vicinity of the city of New Haven.
The businesses in this area are quite poor. They are underdeveloped and besides downtown Yale, they are a little sketchy to enter. I never like to go anywhere alone around here. The closest town that is convenient and nice is Hamden Ct. But as for New Haven, I would not recommend it.