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What I mostly like is that it's a safe neighborhood. I feel safe leaving and going back home. Everyone is very respectful and friendly. Not too loud.
We moved into ward 50 almost 2 years ago and love it so far. The conditions on our block have improved in the time since we moved in and our property value has increased. There are investors putting money into rehabbing the brick bungalows which is attracting new families into the neighborhood who are landscaping and making improvements. There are always families with children walking around. The racial, religious, ethnic and economic diversity here is spectacular. We LOVE it.

Housing in this area is still affordable compared to other single family houses in Chicago. I rarely if ever see graffiti in the area, but am aware that there has been some gang activity and rare incidents of violence and mugging. The Alderman is very active and encourages community engagement with the police and each other to work for a safe community.
West Ridge is one of 77 Chicago community areas. It is a middle-class neighborhood located on the far North Side of the City of Chicago. It is located in the 50th Ward and the 40th Ward. I love living in West Ridge. The community is safe and there are lots of places to visit. Although, there are really not that many train stations close around and not that many food places.
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This city is amazing. It honestly is a safe place that many families know they can trust their kids to be out at night and play sports/hangout with each other. Everyone is nice to each other and very respectful.
I have lived in west ridge for almost a year now and it’s a very nice and diverse neighborhood. It is right next to Roger’s Park which is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. It seems like a very family friendly neighborhood and also is easily accessible to CTA buses. It’s also very close to the northern suburbs of Chicago, so you have the best of both worlds of living in the city and living in the suburbs.
The diversity is amazing. The Devon-area specifically has so many different restaurants and the people that live in the West Ridge area are so diverse.
It is such a fun place to live! You are close enough to the city and the lake that you can go all of the time, but you are far enough away from it that you can also be in more of a suburban area.
I give 2 stars! Apparently there is racism in the community I live particularly with the Europeans. I've been verbally abused by a young Bosnian girl and have been assualted by a Bosnian guy who the police are looking for . I love the diversity. I have lived in edgewater for 19 yrs and was never attacked or belittled and it was diverse. I don't see myself living in west ridge for a long time with my familyuntil lease is up.
I like the fact that since I grew up here I've never heard of any incidents nearby or within my neighborhood. It makes me feel safe to be at home.
As a person who lives in West Ridge, Chicago I can say it is a very nice neighborhood and possibly one of the most safe and spectacular neighborhoods of Chicago. It is very diverse, has a lot of great places like restaurants and places for fun. One thing I would change about this neighborhood would probably be all the construction always going on but then again it is in Chicago and there is always construction going on here.
It's a nice neighborhood to live in. The diversity of the neighborhood really makes it stand out. If you have a young family, it's a nice place to settle down in. Pretty safe, decent schools. Really, it's average, but in Chicago, I'd rather have average than below average
There has been a good amount of robbery's in the community already
The violence in the community has not been improved . The police seem to be more concerned with the way drivers drive rather than our safety.
The location is great as it is near Lincolnwood, Evanston, and Skokie. Those locations have had way more business development since I've been living in Chicago. The great advantage is that Chicago beaches, downtown, and other venues aren't too far from those surrounding suburbs. The location has traffic occasionally but never anything too ridiculous for commuters. Quiet neighborhood. Crime rate stays low and the trend seems to stay that way. A few new businesses have developed nearby which is great for the range of culture provided in Ward 50.

Given I am currently living here, I don't have many gripes with this location. However a few years out I definitely would like to live in a different location. I have experience living near the Chicago White Sox, and near Logan Square amongst other places. I know where I live now is a nice location.
I am starting to worry a little bit more about crime. Schools are improving, construction is being done always, and a lot more people are moving in. People are sweet, this is a mostly quiet area, but a lot of shops and malls are very near.
There is no crime i the area.
Nothing bad ever happens, and the community supports you through pretty much anything.
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The crime isn't as horrible compared to other neighborhoods; however, if you affiliate yourself with the wrong people then there is the possibility of getting killed. My sister had an experience where some grown man tried to grab her and get her attention and she ran away before he could catch her. The man is now behind bars, but the message behind this is that safety is a huge issue since people are always worried of what could happen. The police are always late whenever they are called by someone and they don't respond immediately. There needs to be a change in be community.
I have lived around the area my entire life and I have had many bad experiences growing up. The north side of Chicago seems to be getting worse as shootings are becoming more violent around the area. I'm hoping that my family decides to move soon because of the violence that occurs. The area only seems to be getting worse and I don't see a change occurring soon since our neighborhood has many gangs.
There is a police station a couple of blocks away, giving a sense of security.