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The neighborhood is unique and friendly.The neighborhood is very close to the city, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. West Queen Anne has a great view of the city skyline.
What I love about my neighborhood is that there are tons of friendly families. All of my friends and close family friends all live in or around my neighborhood! Everyone is very accepting and welcoming, no matter where you're from.
I did attend my university studies in San Diego, CA. I grew up in Seattle, WA and lived here all of my life. I decided after college to live in Seattle to start my adult years and develop a foundation for my career. Both cities are thriving but Seattle's economy seems to be untouchable from depressions. I was able to find two jobs in my field of study right away before finding my niche in the real estate sector.

Choosing the rain for 9 months out of the year compared to sunny San Diego speaks volumes. Seattle offers a unique and diverse way of living. The city is very open and welcoming. It is tolerant of people from all walks of life. Seattle is diverse as it is a cosmopolitan city and supports people from all ethnic backgrounds. The majority of people that inhabit this city are friendly and will smile and wave at strangers just because and are not as closed off like the majority of people in southern California.

Economic opportunity, an open and welcoming atmosphere and the beautiful scenery are strong attributes of my city. I love Seattle and would not give it up for the world or at least San Diego.
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Our area sees very little crime. Our neighborhood homes all have surveillance and even some hired patrols. It's easy to get lost on the hill and many streets are dead ended. If you are a thief and do not know your way around the hill, you are likely to be caught.

Car prowls and property damage seem to be the most relevant crime committed. Neighbors often take walks in the early morning and late evening with no concern for their welfare. I have rarely seen a police car at a home nearby.
When I moved to Seattle in 1996, it rained for 90 days in a row. The first time it snowed here, I watched a line of ridiculous drivers skid downhill on a patch of ice and bounce off the cars on both sides of the road as they careened wildly down Fremont Avenue.

These last few years, the weather has been much milder and less cold and wet. Statistics show that this may be a trend that could last for awhile if the "global warming effect" is in full swing.

I live facing the Puget Sound in a home that requires some major repairs. We can feel the house move during a heavy wind storm and often worry that the roof won't last two more years, until I finish school and can re-enter the workplace full time. The home footprint is worth far more than house and often worry the owner, my domestic partner's brother, will sell. We depend on his generosity to keep a roof over our heads and our rent costs manageable.

Luckily, we don't get many disasters in Seattle, although we are positioned to get an earthquake or a volcanic eruption at some time in the future.

My wardrobe essentials are a good winter vest with deep pockets and my wool coat.
Queen Anne offers a great deal of diversity and many food options for those who enjoy eating out. Thai, American, Italian, Greek, coffee shops, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors and good old "hang outs" where regulars have their own mugs at the bar!

The bar nightlife is subdued but very active, especially the music scene. Several bars offer bands and open mike nights where locals and visitors belly up to the microphone and share.

There is also the local pool hall, where locals have been playing pool and darts for decades.

Queen Anne also offers great pocket parks and a public pool.
Seattle has a very large influx of new companies looking for dedicated and educated workers. The unemployment rate is lower than it's been in years. The pool of available workers is stable and competitive.
This area of Seattle has low crime and an active, middle age family atmosphere. Lots of families with younger children and the elderly ready to either stay in their home or have older children come to live with them.

There is a great deal of foot traffic on top of Queen Anne. Many residents walk to and from the grocery and major retail stores along Queen Anne avenue. Popular with tourists, this area sees a lot of diversity and activity.

Although this neighborhood has a Safeway, Rite Aide, Trader Joe's, Pizza Hut, Starbuck's and major Banks along the main street, it has also many fine small businesses, grocery and hardware stores that fill in the gap between heading out to Aurora or 99 to navigate to Lowe's, Home Depot or Costco.

The Metro bus system runs several routes from the top of Queen Anne to all points S, E, N and W making commuting by public transit relatively simple and easy to navigate.
Convenient Stores, quick bites, bars, grocery stores
Lots of really good local restaurants and pubs, pet stores, clothing boutiques, and coffee shops that are accompanied by larger chain grocery stores and drug stores which are open 24/7.
There are several big tech companies in the area that are spearheading progress in the tech world (Amazon, Google, Adobe) and even if you're not at that point in your career, the minimum wage is being raised to $15. Go Seattle!