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Let me tell you some of the reasons that I love the neighborhood I live in Chicago. My neighborhood is a residential neighborhood with an amazingly convenient location. I'm right off I-57 expressway , bus stop right in front of my home, elementary school is about a half block away, shopping malls (Marshfield plaza). I’m in easy walking distance of a bank, a drug store, and restaurants (Target, Jewel's-Osco, Burlington, Marshall's, Rainbow, Pet Smart, Chili's, GameStop, Nail shops, Ashley's Stewarts, LA Fitness, AT&T Hair salons, I can go on and on)! What is there not to love about my neighborhood! Its so convenient!
Where I live in West Pullman is not too bad. I like the apartment I live in and I believe that it is the best looking building. There are a lot of abandoned homes in the area and I wish there were move available and affordable homes. Also we need a big grocery store in our area.
I 1st moved to the West Pullman area in 2010. Upon moving here, I was always asked why would you move to such a neighborhood. It's right on the other side of Roseland. I love the neighborhood I live in. Mt neighbors are very friendly, we all clean up our neighborhood together. We look out for one another's children. The neighborhood school is excellence we really have teachers & administrators who cares about our children & realizes that they are our future. They invest in them by going above & beyond the norm of teaching. Our neighborhood is very quiet and safe for the most part. We rarely ever have a huge problem or are in fear of our safety. I feel the neighborhood library can be better & upgraded with books & other resources. Welcome reading programs or contests like all the other libraries. It's us the people who decides how we will & should live and that's what we do. We get out in our community, & we do the work.
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It is a pretty quite decent neighborhood, But If you past a certain area within 5 miles it is Bad for example Roseland is near my community in which is a gang violence filled community.
its a relatively decent area. there are a few shootings that happen now and then but non the less its a good neighborhood and alot of new bussinesses have been moving in.
The safety in this area is great in my opinion. I've never felt that I was in any danger in my area. If there is any crime that occurs, the police quickly responds without a doubt. I have no concerns.
My experience growing up in this area as been wonderful. I've learned a lot and have enjoyed the people in my community.
Barely vacant areas and cost seems cheap.
The people around are really friendly.
It's gotten better throughout the years.
Just a few violent mishaps but I've seen worse.
It could be better, especially for the kids they really don't have anything to interact with or do. The crime rate is extremely high also
It's ok because of my neighbors, that look out for one another. I would not choose to live here again because my children were never able to attend the neighborhood schools due to their low achievement and my children could not go out and play because of the violence.
This area is getting rougher by the day. I don't feel safe to go outside and simply walk around enjoying my day. You never know what could happen these days, and the impending thought of violence keeps you on your toes while constantly looking over your shoulder.
The area I reside in is family oriented and I believe that is the most important element in raising a child.
This is Chicago. We experience all the seasons here in the midwest. The weather is mostly predictable, but were always prepared for unexpected rises and falls in the temperature.
This neighborhood mostly has restaurants that cater to in and out customers. There are mostly the typical urban neighborhood joints with the $5 chicken wing special in the window on Tuesdays.
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I have lived at this address for many years and the crime in this area is not high but neighboring areas have a little bit of a problem. Sometimes the bad overflows into our small area but not so much where I want to relocate.
I have been living in Chicago my entire life and yes the weather is a little unpredictable, but I have no problem dealing with the weather. On some days if the weather is too bad I will miss school and work but for the most part I always carry an umbrella and an extra jacket.
The service was very proper.