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Price Hill is a neighborhood filled with a variety of different cultures. It's a place where all ethnicities and races reside. I currently attend school in this neighborhood at Cincinnati Christian University. Also, I attended school on this side of town at Dater High school. Over the years I've seen growth in this area and also poverty. It's the home of restaurants like Incline House and Primavista that hold a beautiful view over downtown Cincinnati. I feel this neighborhood is in a current transition of potential improvement, just like this city. I would like to road improvements, and neighborhood cleanup
the neighborhood that I live in is very quiet and most of the people around me own there own homes. I would like to see the surrounding neighborhoods cleaned up a little bit and maybe add after school programs for the local kids.
The crime rates in our neighborhood are higher than others, but the people who live on the streets around us seem to look out for each other. I feel safe in my immediate neighborhood, but that doesn't mean i would feel safe a few streets away. There is a lot of police presence around my neighborhood, but I know that our community has a high crime rate, and not enough police.
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I have lived here for most of my life so I am used to the neighborhoods, and I know what areas are dangerous and which are safe to go into. Just like any city in America there are good parts with hardworking people and low crime rates; and there are bad parts where there are rundown buildings, drugs, gangs, and violence.
It's okay, but definitely worse than it was 10 years ago.
I like where I live, because I am nostalgic, but I have seen it change for the worse somewhat as far as crime and safety and home values. However, Cincinnati has developed area's downtown and opened restaurants/bars and a great new park!